10 things to consider when planning a wedding

Planning a wedding/Best nail salon in London

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. There will be obstacles, delays and unplanned circumstances along the way. So it is best to plan early to make sure that you will achieve your dream wedding. Here are the list of things to consider when planning a wedding:

1. Setting your target date

Setting a date may look like the easiest one. But you’re wrong. Picking a date is also stressful. You need to consider whether you will have a winter wedding, a summer wedding or in between. Aside from the season, you will also have to consider your family and your friends’ schedules. You have to pick a date that will suit their schedule, prior commitments and holidays. So make sure to set a date that will suit you, your family, relatives and your friends.

2. Choosing your wedding venue

One of the huge factors when planning a wedding is the venue. This part of the planning will focus on what the bride and groom wants. It is important to discuss these points such as location, size of the venue, theme of the wedding, etc. If you already have a venue in mind, it is best to visit the place to see if you will like it and have a talk with the venue owner to explain your wedding concepts.

3. Budget

Setting a budget is the most important thing to do before planning your wedding. The success of your dream wedding will depend on how much money you have and how much money you both are willing to spend for everything. Also make sure to separate some extra money to cover up for the little details you may have forgotten. But do not put all your money on the wedding as you will have other important events to look forward to such as your honeymoon, getting pregnant, having a baby, and more.

4. Number of guests

Selecting your guests is a crucial part of the planning. Much as we want to invite everyone we know, but guests must be selected accordingly. Just select your immediate family, close relatives, your boss, close colleagues, and trusted friends. By selecting a limited number of guests, you will have a clear vision in mind where to hold your wedding. You might also want to consider if you want adults only or not. Some prefer not to have children at their wedding to avoid problems. Some prefer having children at their wedding, especially when the bride and groom have children of their own.

5. Choosing a perfect wedding ring

Since you will be wearing that ring for the rest of your lives, it is significant to choose your perfect wedding rings. But this isn’t easy for those who are not fond of buying jewelry. They have little knowledge on how and where to purchase a perfect piece when there are numerous options in the market. You must consider the metal bands, the cut, the color, clarity and carat. You may ask for advice from your family or friends who are already married. Make sure to go to the jewelry place with your partner so both of you can look at the samples and choose the best ring that matches you and your fiance.

6. Wedding Dress and Groom Suit

Finding a wedding gown or a wedding dress can be very stressful. You must do research on what wedding gown or wedding dress you like. You may choose concepts from a magazine, bridal boutique, or even celebrities. You may also consider hiring a consultant to pick the best gown for you. Make sure to pick a gown that is true to your body size and be open to other options outside of your main idea. On the other hand, the groom’s attire should compliment and match the bride’s wedding gown. The spotlight is on both of you on your wedding day so make sure to look your best.

7. Meal plan

Having mouthwatering food at your wedding is one of the things your guests will remember from your wedding day. You don’t want to have hungry and unhappy guests so make sure to pick caterers who provide quality food. Think of the type of food you want and set food choices that everyone can eat, most especially with you and the groom since it is your wedding day after all.

8. Wedding souvenirs

Your wedding souvenirs must be something personalized or have a meaning to you and the groom. It could be something related to your hobbies and interests, sports, career, passion, and more. You may also get souvenirs that your guests can use after the wedding such as candles, soaps, pen holders, shot glasses, tumblers, and so on. If you and your partner are both creative, you can always try DIY souvenirs. Making DIY souvenirs will definitely take time to make. But this will make your guests feel the love and care through your effort.

9. Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

In modern times, bridal showers and bachelorette parties have changed from the traditional ones. The new trend is to combine the bridal shower and bachelorette party into one exciting event. There are plenty of unique combined bridal and bachelorette ideas these days and one of them is party in nail salons. Who says that only females need nail treatment. Your fiance and his groom men need some pampering too. Trieu Nails is the best rated nail salon in London. They offer different treatments such as regular manicure/pedicure, shellac nails, nail art, acrylic extensions, and more. You may also enjoy a lovely prosecco while relaxing. Trieu Nails London is a must try! Book your appointment here.

10. sharing wedding responsibilities

Planning a wedding should not be a sole responsibility of the bride. It must be shared with her fiance, family, friends, or even the consultants. Your fiance can help you with decision-making and budgeting, your family can help you with other arrangements, your friends can help you by giving suggestions and advice, your consultant can help you by laying out options.

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