30 Things to do Before You’re 30

30 Things to do Before You’re 30

Getting closer to the 30 milestone can have your heart skipping in a certain way. You suddenly realise you may not have done much with your life and by this we mean, fulfilling the adventurous desires within you. 30 is a significant age because it spells stability. Is it the time to concentrate on kids and raise a family? That’s up to you to decide. But before all this responsibility, to avoid missing out on some of the best years of your life, here are 30 things you might want to try before you’re 30.


1.Sing at a Karaoke bar

This is a decisive choice to either embarrass yourself or awe a small group of people. Very few ladies allow themselves to feel this level of vulnerability or freedom. It is a great experience you should indulge in.

2. Volunteer

Giving something back to society is always a good idea. Try volunteering to help people without pay or compensation.

3. Visit Coachella

Coachella offers a renowned music and arts festival that will thrill anyone. Take a trip with friends to this amazing destination.

4. Invest in your body

Good physique and all around health are vital achievements in life. Investing in your body with exercise, a healthy diet and much more guarantees you age with finesse.

5. Watch the sunrise

All you have to do is choose the right place and time. You can also share this moment with a loved one.

6. A full manicure and pedicure

How often do you pamper yourself with a visit to the nail salon near you? Getting a full manicure and pedicure is a wonderful experience for any woman. It gives you bouts of joy, boosts confidence, and changes your perception of things. A mani-pedi session can do so much good. You can get this at the top of your bucket list and repeat it more often than others because it is not demanding. To make it even more special, visit Trieu Nails for the best manicure in London.

manicure and pedicure

7. Visit a country where you don’t know the language

Sounds frightening, but a better word is exciting. Travelling somewhere you can’t speak the language forces you to learn independence and adaptability like never before. It has proven to be a fulfilling exercise for women.

8. Start investing

You don’t need to depend on having your job forever. Make investments that can guarantee an enjoyable retirement.

9. Overcome something you fear

You would be surprised to learn the strange things people fear. Don’t hit 30 without letting go of those dreadful things that hold you back. Overcome your fear for heights and public speaking. Get a complete acrylic manicure or a pedicure, and overcome the fear of giving yourself a treat.

10. Splurge like never before

You are about to enter that time in your life where other people’s needs might come above yours. Splurging on a whim gets difficult with children and more loved ones in your life. Take this opportunity to splurge on something you have always wanted.

11. Improve your sex life

Understanding the value of sexual intimacy is important. If you are over casual nights and multiple partners, this is the best time to learn the dynamics of intimacy with your partner.

12. Visit friends

Don’t let neglecting important relationships become your biggest after 30 regrets. Find the time now to visit dear friends or bring everyone together with an event.

13. Take an adventure with clothes

Switch up your fashion style to something different and unexpected. Go from dull colours to bright ones, or from skirts to pants, and much more.

14. Learn how to cook a special dish

Food is exciting at all times. Go on YouTube and learn a new recipe to surprise your loved ones.

15. Throw a ravishing birthday party

If you hardly celebrated your birthdays with a big bang, now is the time to do it. Get everyone together to help you plan a ravishing birthday party.

16. Go camping

Camping is a relevant life experience because it brings you closer to nature.

17. A fancy dinner

It’s time to eat at that restaurant you have been eyeing for some time now. Wear your prettiest dress, get a manicure and pedicure, and strut in there to order your heart’s desire.

manicured hand holding wine glass

18. Reorganize

Your home or office needs to be reorganized to give a new and refreshing look.

19. Stand for something

Reach into politics, movements, and so on. Attend a march or a meeting that stands for something.

20. Stand up for yourself

Is there a sign of oppression or depression in your life? Like a nagging neighbour, spouse, or friend? Don’t carry that baggage into your 30s, stand up for yourself now and be done with it!

21. Read more

Books never did any wrong. Become better informed on certain subjects by reading more books.

22. One night only!

Do something unusual or out of character for one night only.

23. Attend a big event

Choose sports, fashion, or any big event to attend. For example, the Olympics or a football game.

24. Date wisely

If your dating game is losing its touch, then it’s time to plan properly. Don’t rush into relationships at this important time. Date wisely!

25. Date someone who is not your type

If you are honest, dating the guys who are your type hasn’t worked out so well. Therefore, make a change and date someone who’s the opposite of that.

26. Develop a daily routine

Organise your life by creating and sticking to a routine.

27. Apologize more often

Admitting when you are wrong is a golden trait. Mark your new milestone by developing this good trait.

28. Forgive yourself

Staying angry at yourself is unhealthy. Take a day off to forgive yourself and purge any grudges.

29. Pick a new hobby

Have you tried swimming, baking, makeup, and more as enjoyable hobbies? Pick a new hobby for new milestone years.

to do list

30. Make a list of what you will do in your 40s

There’s no time like the present. Make plans for an exciting 40s now so you have better chances of achieving them. 

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