5 Steps to Get the Job of Your Dreams

5 Steps to Get the Job of Your Dreams

Finding a job can be daunting, but what is even more challenging is waking up each morning to a job you do not like. Everyone has that job they have always dreamed about. It could be a position at a firm with a luxurious office or something simpler. No matter where your dreams lead, it is comforting to know you can achieve them. People who love their jobs exist and are excited to work 9-5 on most days. With the right game-changing steps, your dream job could be yours. Read on to learn 5 steps you must follow.

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1.Identify your dream job

This is the first and most important step. Some people are quite confident about their dream job while others are still confused. Thankfully, with the right guidance, you can make a clear decision. Start by making a list of things you enjoy doing. Include some skills you have and are comfortable using. Now, think about your personal values and ideas. What are the things you want or the things you care about? Identify two successful role models or celebrities you admire and take note of what they do.

With these pieces before you, it would be easier to find where your interests lie. Consider if there are jobs that fit these interests and there you have identified your dream job!


The process of preparation involves a lot. You require commitment and effort to complete this. After identifying your dream job, it is necessary to make full research on it. Discover the skills and educational requirements for the job. You may have some of them, but it is vital to clarify if they are suitable for the job. If you need training, set time aside to get it and upgrade your skills. It is helpful to reach out to mentors or friends in the field. Ask for advice and guidance in improving yourself.

Find a company that offers your dream job and is recruiting new workers. Get to know all about this company including work culture, policies, how many recruits they take, and much more. When you have confirmed that there is an open position, you must update your resume.

Some people make the mistake of using the same resume for every job application. This is wrong because it hardly accomplishes anything. Companies take a hard look at resumes to decide who they would be calling. Hence, your resume must be updated to stand out. Customize it to suit that specific company and the open position. This can be noticed and help your resume seem fresh.


3.Apply for your dream job

Now, you are almost ready to experience the satisfying feeling of having a dream job. Apply for the open position with your top-notch resume. If you land an internship or temporary position, don’t fret. You can use the opportunity to make your brand known and show your employers how important you are to the team. They are sure to consider you for a permanent position.

4.The interview

Your application should be followed by intensive preparation for an interview. Interviews can be tough and tricky. The supervisors keep asking a lot of questions to know your capabilities and past work experience. To make sure you don’t become a nervous wreck you must practice. Make research on several possible interview questions within this position and practice them with a friend. This helps you work on your confidence and proper response. During the interview show motivation and eagerness to grow with the company.

Apart from answering questions impressively, another essential part of the interview is your appearance. When it comes to getting the job of your dreams, you must leave no stone unturned. Optimize your appearance with clean clothes that are suitable for an interview. Match the right shoes and hairstyle and finish off with acrylic nails or shellac manicure in London. Both types of manicure are unique for an interview because they appear natural. You can use subtle colours or even bold ones. Their function is to enhance your look of elegance, professionalism, and capability. They also help you gain respect.

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5.Follow up

For some companies, an interview is a deciding stage. You may be offered the job on the spot or the company would promise to call you. If you are offered the job after the interview, don’t get overexcited and lose focus. Get a clear idea of the job description, duties, salary, and so on. You can equally ask for a few days to consider before accepting.

However, if the latter is the case, and the company promises to call you, don’t leave it at that. Reach out with an email to thank your interviewers or the management for seeing you. Then wait.

Final Thoughts

Getting the job of your dreams is hardly easy. You can get rejected a few times before you are finally accepted. You must never give up on it. If you find a temporary job to pass the time that’s great.

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By Lynn Trieu

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