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5 Things that can turn someone off—and Solutions

5 Things that can turn someone off—and Solutions

A lot of people experience a painful cycle of love and regret. Some start out with great relationships, then when everything seems to be going fine the relationship seems to lose its value. Eventually, the other person leaves and the cycle is repeated with someone else. It’s true you might make poor choices in partners and this contributes to why things go the wrong way; but, it is important to consider that you might have a role to play in a person’s sudden loss of interest.

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Every person should be informed on things that can turn someone else off. We recognize that all dating situations might differ, but this does not eliminate the common issues that people have. To help you make better choices and avoid the nasty cycle of disappointment, we have put together the most significant things that turn people off.

A bad attitude

Attitudes range from constantly nagging, to being rude, mean, and unwelcoming. You might not think much of it because your partner doesn’t complain much, but the chances are he will get fed up with it. People are drawn to others with good attitudes; individuals who encourage them, offer positivity, respect, and kindness. It makes them feel safe and happy around you. A bad attitude makes others around you apprehensive because you could lash out at any time. It also makes them uncertain to introduce you to friends and family.

If you have such traits, it’s time for an attitude fix. This will take time and commitment to achieve. Start by seeing positives in everything especially people. Try to replace sarcastic words with caring ones. You can also indulge in self-care weekly to help you feel beautiful and confident. This can be a visit to Trieu Nails, the nail salon in between Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street in London.

Lack of Ambition

No one wants a person who has no ambition or future plans. Take this seriously because it might be a deal breaker. Ironically, these thoughts go the other way too. An ambitious crush would want nothing to do with a someone who has no plans. Now, everyone loves to share both responsibilities and dreams. If you lack the drive to do something significant with your life, a good person might find that unattractive.

So, how do you fix this laziness and lack of ambition? Find one! There must be something you have always dreamed about and look forward to achieving. It could be another degree, a job at a large firm, or a promotion. There’s nothing stopping you but yourself, develop the skills you need and the attitude of a go-getter.

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Poor Grooming

Poor grooming can involve several things. It can include bad hair, teeth, and nails. It is vital to know people are visual creatures, driven mostly by what they see. They observe and admire a good hairstyle, clean teeth that are seen when you smile, and beautifully manicured nails. You must learn to appear presentable at all times. It would surprise you to learn how neglecting your hair and nails for some time can play a role in turning off your partner.

Solve this problem by becoming self-conscious and taking grooming seriously. Take effective steps to maintain clean, fitting hairstyles most of the time. Purchase accessories like wigs, hair products, and so on to tackle a bad hair day. Don’t forget to visit Trieu Nails, a nail salon in London for professional and eye-catching manicures.

If you are someone who loves natural nails, then shellac nails or acrylic nails will work out just fine. A shellac manicure in London lasts for a while and does not chip or crack easily. They are popular because of the natural finish they offer regardless of the colours or nail art you use.

Family Values

A relationship is between two people, but whether or not you like to admit it your family values will come into the picture. It is important that your family values are those of kindness, fairness, equality, respect, cooperation, and much more. Yes, no person or family is perfect, but a good heart and intentions are easy to identify.


A individual can get easily turned off by the wrong family values. If they hopes to start a family of their own with you, then this is a factor that must be considered properly.

You can work towards developing proper family values. Teach yourself and those around you the relevance of showing these good traits.

Not Noticing the Little Things

Your crush can make a lot of mistakes. Yes, they can act sneaky, make the wrong decisions, show up late or not at all, and give several excuses.  However, they also do little things that warm the heart but some people tend to brush these golden moments aside without recognition. For some people this may mean putting in a considerable effort and emotion to get a few things right, and when they do, it is important to acknowledge this and hold that moment for as long as possible. They like to see that these things mean something to you. It encourages them to do more and stick with you.

We love to help

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By Lynn Trieu

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