6 Body Language Signs a Breakup is Looming According to Experts

6 Body Language Signs a Breakup is Looming According to Experts

Relationships can be tough and just when you think everything is going fine, things can turnaround unexpectedly. A breakup is a dreadful word. Hardly anyone in a relationship wants to go through the stress and the pain of it. Unfortunately, it happens more often than we would like.

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Do you want to save yourself the unexpected trauma or get a chance to fix things before they get any worse? Then you must check for any body language signs your partner might be giving. It is almost easier to read men’s body language in a relationship but still, you need the proper knowledge.

As your favourite nail salon in London, Trieu Nails always has your back. Here are six body language signs a breakup is looming, according to experts.

1.Lack of Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential in a thriving relationship. It is a fact that when you like something; you look at it frequently, even stare boldly sometimes. The same thing happens when two people are in love. They tend to look at each other more often and hold long stares. It is another level of intimacy where you bare your souls to one another. If you once had that with your partner and now you don’t, then something is wrong. The good news is a lack of eye contact doesn’t always spell breakup. There are rare occasions where it means your partner is experiencing guilt over something you wouldn’t like at all.

2.Less and less physical contact

Do you think back to the last months and can’t figure out the last time you touched your partner, or touched you? This doesn’t mean just during sex. Physical contact between happy couples can be as simple as a hug, a touch on the arm, cuddling for no reason, and much more. If your relationship is experiencing less and less physical contact, then it might be time to get worried. Look out for actions like a rushed hug, a pat on the back, and other signs that seem like they don’t want too much contact.

3.Making lateness a habit

Lateness is a bad habit and ladies don’t like to be kept waiting alone in restaurants, bars, or any date location. If your once punctual partner suddenly develops a careless habit of showing up late or not at all, it might be a cause for alarm. Some partners are not bold enough to state that the relationship is over. So, they would try their best to put up frustrating attitudes and habits to push you out instead.

4.No smiles

It’s natural to smile at someone you love. You can also share telling looks that only both of you understand. When either party finds it difficult to smile at each other, it usually means there’s a strain in the relationship. Experts say couples in troubled waters can’t share honest smiles. Rather there’s more of a tight-lipped smile that spells anger and resentment.

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5.Pointed toes and distance

This may sound funny but researchers have proven it is true. Pointing the feet inwards subconsciously shows an attraction to someone. It is the brain’s way of trying to shrink or reduce in size and seem approachable. This is the phenomenon that makes you believe a person can’t hurt a fly.  Hence, if pointing the toes inwards means attraction and love, doing the opposite signals problems. Don’t be shy to look at your feet or your partner’s. If they point outwards, you know it’s a red flag.

Keeping a physical distance is another striking tell. When you sit together does your partner lean in or leans away? Therapists or experts can tell by the distance between a couple that there is discord.

6.Your Gut

All the body language signs do not have to be from your partner. Sometimes, you might already know in your heart that a breakup is looming but seem unsure about confronting the thought. If something’s not right with your relationship, chances are you would get a gut feeling. Do not ignore this. Learn to trust your intuition and recognise the warning signs before it’s too late.

When the breakup happens

Sadly, there are things we cannot avoid no matter how hard we try. You cannot force another person to stay and love you or push yourself to make things work out. If you have tried your best and the breakup still occurs, understand that it is not the end of the world.

These things happen to the best of us and certainly, your ideal partner would come. Nothing lifts a girl’s spirit more than a manicure and pedicure session in the best nail salon near you in London. Trieu Nails is a nail salon dedicated to helping you feel beautiful and secure.  You’d be surprised how professionally done gel nails in London can switch up a woman’s confidence and improve mood.

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You can book an appointment online or visit us for that pampering experience you deserve. Remember, you have to get back in the dating game as soon as possible and you can’t do that without the perfect mani-pedi. Life is too short to dwell on breakups and disappointment. Chin up and be you again. 

By Lynn Trieu

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