7 family-friendly activities in London.

London is known as the most visited city in Europe for its numerous tourist attractions, public transportation, and nice accommodation. It is a great place to visit for holidays of all kinds, especially for a family vacation with very young kids. This city attracts over 27 million visitors per year. You will never get bored and you will never run out of things to do in the greatest city in the world. We have listed below the seven (7) family-friendly activities to do in London.

Picnics and BBQs

There are a handful of parks in London that are picnic and BBQ friendly. Just bring your equipment, blanket, and start sizzling on. Caledonian Park in Islington is one of the first parks in London that has picnic and BBQ-friendly spaces. There’s also a playground for children as well as courts for basketball, football, and tennis. Cantelowes Gardens in Camden is also a picnic and BBQ-friendly space with a skate park. Crystal Palace in Bromley is also one of the BBQ-friendly spaces in London that has other exciting activities such as exploring the maze, boating, and even life-size dinosaurs. Cantelowes Garden has plenty of grass to fire up your BBQ Grill. It also has a Meditteranean food hall where you can buy healthy barbecue supplies for your BBQ party.


There are also plenty of friendly restaurants in London where children are welcome and families could eat decent and interesting food. London has many restaurants with different cuisines available for all your cravings. Riverside restaurants are no exception to a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The River Cafe in Thames Wharf is a fine-dining restaurant that serves Italian food and has mini servings for kids. You can reserve a table inside or reserve a table outside where you can see the view of the river. All star lanes is a unique restaurant because it has its own bowling game inside. This restaurant has several branches across London. They serve diner-style dishes such as fried chicken, burgers, ribs, and steaks. They also serve child-sized meals. Mudchute Kitchen and Farm is also a family-friendly restaurant. This restaurant is unique for its ideal entertainment and farm education activities for kids.


Bowling is surely a fun family activity that you can enjoy together. Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes located in Greater London is a classy bowling alley with karaoke rooms inside. Your family can enjoy a bowling game and have a karaoke bonding after. Kids are assisted with gutter guards and provided with light balls. Namco Funscape London is also an interesting bowling alley and kid-friendly. There is a ball rolling ramp and a handy gutter guard to give your little ones a better chance of hitting some pins. They also do parties and birthday tournaments. Namco Funscape London also has other fun indoor activities such as Ping Pong, Arcade, Dodgem Cars, and even Escape Room.


You are going to love and enjoy the wonderful parks in London. There are over thousands of family-friendly parks and gardens in London. Parks are perfect for relaxing while watching your kids play and have fun on the playground. St. James’ Park located in Westminster, central London is a great place to enjoy your lunch whilst sightseeing around the area. Your children will surely be pleased in its playground with sands, swings, and climbing areas. Serpentine Lido located within Hyde Park has a paddling pool that people can swim into. You will definitely enjoy coming here during summer for a dip in the water. Holland Park is an exclusive park with available facilities for golf, crickets, and football. If you want a flowery, garden feel, Brockwell Park in Brixton has flower beds and a walled garden that will fascinate you and your family.


Flea and Street Markets in London are also a popular attraction for tourists and families. Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest food and drink markets in London. This market is located next to the London Bridge. It is also known as the wholesale and retail market hall. Camden Market, also known as Camden Lock, is adjoined by numerous large retail markets and is famous for selling fashion clothes, music, and arts. This place also has several nightlife scenes with live entertainment, clubs, and a Jazz cafe. Portobello Road Market is located in the Notting Hill district in West London. It is known as the world’s largest antique market selling a great selection of antiques to vintage books and vintage clothing. Definitely worth a visit.


London has more than 100 galleries and museums to visit from. Some of the galleries and museums are free to visit. But some of them have admission fees for adults and kids. London’s planetarium at Royal Observatory is a great place to visit for space amusement and adventures. This planetarium takes you to the wonders of the night sky. Plenty of space shows that are suitable for all ages. Families can also explore the Astronomy Centre inside Royal Observatory where they can touch and see what’s inside the incredible historic meteorites. The National Maritime Museum is also another great family-friendly museum to visit. It is a playful and immersive gallery. Kids can make friends, play as pirates, and get hands-on with boats. Aside from pirates and boats, the National Maritime Museum also has an interactive map where visitors can discover countries, continents, as well as seas and sea objects.

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