How to Take Care of Your Feet: 7 Simple Foot Care Hacks

7 Simple Foot Care Hacks

7 Simple Foot Care Hacks

It’s a pretty common thing for people to not like feet, generally they’re considered a bit gross. You walk around on those hard London ground, all day, trapped in shoes and socks. Unless you have a foot fetish you’re probably avoiding other people’s feet like the plague. Treat yourself to the best pedicure in London, come on down to Trieu Nails!

We’d love to change people’s opinions on feet, they can be shapely, beautiful parts of our bodies. If you take good care of your feet it can boost that self-worth and also keep you good and healthy, when your feet are unhappy it impacts the rest of your body too! So here are some simple tips for looking after your ‘kickers’:

1. Give the Heels a Break

Have a pair of trainers for your commute, as we all know walking in heels all the time is terrible for your poor feet. I’m not suggesting throwing away your stilettos altogether, that would be a travesty, but if you can bare taking a bag large enough then slip your heels into a cotton shoe bag in your handbag and wear trainers for your commute. Westford Mill make these lovely organic cotton, fair-trade drawstring “stuff” bags that are great for transporting your precious heels. Your feet will thank you for it.

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2. Keep your Feet Clean and Dry

To avoid foot odour and other unpleasant things such as athlete’s foot. When you get home from work take your shoes and socks off and give your feet a little cleanse. Make sure to use talcum powder and get in between those toes. If you leave your feet damp you’re at risk of fungal infections, and there is nothing pretty about that. If you want an extra special and organic powder that will keep your feet super fresh we can recommend the Lavender and Tea Tree Body Powder from Neal’s Yard.

3. File Away Dry, Hard and Dead Skin

Use a pumice stone or file to remove any calluses or patches of dry skin. Soaking your feet in warm water with a little moisture rich bubble bath will make it so much easier to remove that dead skin. If you have more serious skin-related issues on your feet then book an appointment with your doctor, issues like bunions and ingrown toenails are best dealt with by a professional.

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5. Moisturise

Feet so often get neglected when it comes to moisturising, we’re so diligent with the rest of our skin but somehow our feet fall by the wayside. Get a nice rich shea or honey based moisturiser and treat up the girls. They literally carry you round all day, they’ve earned a little pampering! L’Occitane make a gorgeous, luxurious Shea Butter Foot Cream that we can’t recommend enough.

6. Wear Natural Materials on your Feet

Try to wear socks, tights and stockings that are made from natural materials such as cotton and wool. The skin on your feet needs to breathe. Wearing synthetic materials often means that the sweat on your feet can’t evaporate properly which brings us back to tip number 2, keep your feet clean and dry! It’s also good to avoid socks that are too tight and may restrict circulation.

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7. Look After those Toe-Nails

Of course once you’ve got your feet all clean and healthy it’s time to treat them to a beautiful pedicure. Here at TN we have 4 different options for pedicure treatments to get your toenails looking just as stunning as your fingernails. From a quick 25 minute shape, buff and polish to a luxurious deluxe shellac pedicure with a relaxing foot and leg massage and gorgeous shellac polish that is chip resistant for up to 4 long weeks! You can find our full pedicure menu here.

We may be near the end of this long hot Summer but it is still so important to keep your feet at their healthiest and most beautiful. Keeping your feet fresh, hygienic and gorgeous can prevent more serious issues later in life. So stay on top of your foot care and we’ll make sure they look super pretty!

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