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8 + 1 Ways to Get Any Person’s Attention

8 + 1 Ways to Get Any Person’s Attention

Getting a person’s attention may seem impossible or rather hectic. You have probably tried a few times or simply don’t know how. The trick is to go about it the right way. If you find someone you are attracted to and they’re not making the moves, you can get their attention using the easy methods we will share in this article.

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Remember that for anything to work, you must start by having confidence in yourself.

  1. Working on yourself

Sometimes getting someone’s attention has a lot to do with working on yourself. Develop self-confidence and healthy self-esteem. These personal enhancements help you to take on anything and work with other methods more effectively. Apart from confidence in yourself, learn to be a happy person. Happiness can be addictive and attractive. When a someones sees the happiness and positive energy that emanates from an individual, they tends to look more beautiful and attractive to their eyes. Your potential date would want to be a large part of that carefree living. When you have covered these basics getting that special one’s attention is only a few steps away.

1. Eye contact

Nothing says ‘hey, I’m over here’ like good eye contact. Regardless of if you see that person you want every day or once, you must try getting eye contact. Hold this connection for about 5 seconds and let it go with a smile. Now, after this, you can go back to doing whatever you were doing earlier like nothing happened or you could cast a few glances at they end but never overdo it. Staring at someone without control can be unnerving and creepy.

2. Work on your body language

Body language says a lot to people around you. If you want to get a someone’s attention then, you must have an approachable body language. Your body language should be warm and inviting not hostile or stiff. The other person should know that they can start an interesting conversation with you.

3. Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is not overrated. It is an effective way to get a someone’s attention as long as you don’t overdo it. People prefer to hunt and feel fulfilled or satisfied at their conquest. When you finally get someone to realize you exist, then you can step it down and play a little hard to get. This makes it even more interesting for the other person and exciting for you both.

4. An air of mystery

Mystery gets everyone intrigued. Be a bit mysterious to keep your crush wondering. Don’t give away too much at once. During conversations be sure to leave out some things to keep them curious. Don’t dress to kill by exposing everything. If you can master the art of being just a bit mysterious, you are sure to get their attention in no time.

5. Do not act desperate

Desperation is the fastest way to turn off any person. Nobody likes a desperate person because they can be scary. Don’t stalk your crush or show them that you are interested with urgency. Avoid sending a series of texts especially when they go unanswered, multiple calls, or unexpected visits. Be natural and do what you can but never act desperate.

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6. Physical appearance

Your appearance as a person is always a major factor in some situations. People are visual creatures and are almost always moved by what they see. The fastest way to get any person’s attention is to look clean, beautiful, and organised. Start by wearing appropriate and clean clothes, getting a fresh manicure for the hands and feet at the best nail salon near you in London, and proper makeup.

A manicure plays a significant role in getting a person’s attention. Everyone is attracted to the vibrant colours, beauty, and neatness of the hands. A manicure also says something about your personality which is most times appealing to any person. To ensure you do this right, visit Trieu Nails London for a professional touch.

7. Ask for their help

Some people can be clueless to a fault and when this happens you should be able to push harder but subtly. Pick up your confidence and directly ask for their help with something no matter how simple. Drop some books or bags as you walk past. Use such moments to enforce eye contact, a brief but smooth conversation, and smiles. They would sense your warm and welcoming personality immediately, afterwards walk away like a mysterious beauty. While this can be effective, try not to make a habit of asking for help at every chance you get.

 8+1. Be Sensual

Sensuality is a gift and some people know how to use it to their advantage most times. Don’t act stiff or too regular. Throw a few sensual moves while he is watching. For example, rub your shoulders, have a relaxed posture, play with an object in front of you, play with your hair and flutter your eyelashes.

Remember that most sensual moves would involve using your hands; hence they should complement your actions by looking beautiful, soft, and clean. Gel nails in London can be an exciting way to bring attention to your hands with their glossy finish. You can get them done at Trieu Nails the best nail salon near you in London. Be sure to choose a colour that stands out to enhance your moves. A proper manicure can be enchanting to the eyes as the hands move around in seemingly slow or unconscious ways.

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Getting any person’s attention can be tough but at Trieu Nails, we believe that every person stands a chance with the right tips. Stay optimistic and confident regardless of how long it takes or the results you get.

Also, be sure to maintain your awesome personality and good appearance with regular visits to Trieu Nails, a nail salon near you. We strive to keep your hands pretty and give you character with a wonderful manicure and colourful, neat finishing.

By Lynn Trieu

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