8 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Coworkers Outside of Work

The pandemic is a game-changer for companies and organizations and it has really changed the dynamic of workplace culture. From working more or less eight hours in the office to working from the office socially distanced to working from home or working on a hybrid schedule, it has been a challenging time.

Your home became your office, your coffee table became your working desk, your sofa replaced your swivel chair and your coworkers are now screen. Strange times, isn’t it? You probably remember how you spend most of your time at the office but now you spend too much time at home, you just want to get out of your house. Now, who are the best people you can spend some time out with? Your coworkers. Yes, going out with them will help you develop relationships with new hires and catch up with your old friends from work.

Let’s dive into some fun ways you can do things with your work colleagues.

1. Have a Picnic

Having a picnic is a great way to spend the afternoon with your coworkers. While eating and enjoying the view, you can have a great catch-up with your coworkers. Picking the perfect spot is the first thing you need to do and obviously making sure the weather is half decent. It can really help you decide where to have your picnic— if it’s super hot then hit the beach and if it’s fairly warm then the forest or in a local park wou do. If you pick the beach, you can lay out under the sun or go swimming. If you want fresh air and a chilly kind of weather, the forest will be the best pick. The local park is the most convenient, grab your mat and picnic basket, and off you go!

2. Have an Afternoon Tea

Instead of having your afternoon tea at your home by yourself, indulge yourself with a hot cup of tea with your coworkers. Take some time to sit and quintessentially chat over your tea or coffee. London is full of café or tea shops you can choose from. Most of them have fancy pastries you can pair with your tea.

3. Get your Nails Super Glam

It is a perfect way to spend your day with your colleagues from work. Pamper yourself and your nails and have your overdue chit-chat with your team whilst having your nails done. Of course, you have to pick the best out of many salons in London. Trieu Nails is one of the best nail salons in London. We have a lot of great feedback and recommendations from our satisfied customers. Our customers can choose from the awesome services we offer. We have SNS nails, Shellac, Gel Polish, Nail Art, and Nail Extension which are highly recommended by our customers. Plus, you also get to enjoy a choice of beverage from our menu while getting the perfect nail you want. What’s not to like?  It is our joy to give our customers the best and professional nail care.

4. Have a Brunch date

Before the pandemic, brunch maybe something off the list when thinking of a way to bond with coworkers. But for many months not being allowed to do a lot of things, having a brunch in a restaurant may be something you miss doing. Having a friend from work to eat with can lessen the stress you are getting from working so hard every day. It can be a time to bond and just dish over personal stories or work updates. Grab the opportunity to be away from your working desk to have brunch with someone new or inviting coworkers you want to catch up with or you want to build a relationship with. There’s a lot of restaurants serving delicious and Instagram-worthy brunch around London. You just have to check if they’re open and possibly book an appointment in advance.

5. Have a Karaoke Night

If you want to break the social awkwardness between you and your coworkers, singing your favorite song in front of them might be the way to go. Seeing everyone belting that high note or forgetting the lyrics allows you to build a bond with your coworkers in a more meaningful way. Release your stress and rock the night up with your newfound friends from work.

6. Have a Game Night

If there’s one that stays forever, it is our love for games. Have a break from solving problems from work and get creative strategizing to win with your teammates on a game night. You can play board games such as monopoly or Uno or group games like Pictionary or taboo. It will be a great way to forget about work for a while and have fun with your coworkers.

7. Have a Mini Sport Tournament

Staying active while working from home might be a struggle for many people. Playing sports like Ping Pong, Table Tennis, badminton and football is a great way to be physically active and develop teamwork and camaraderie among you and your coworkers. There’s a lot of sports venues in London so you can choose where to hold your event. Whatever you choose, it will be a perfect break from looking at your screen all day.

8. Have a Local Tour

It might be something you have done before, but this is still one of the best ways to enjoy and enjoy the view of different tourist or local spots around the city. You can spend the day in a museum or a gallery, street-food markets, local parks or even a street art area in East London. Let your colleagues suggest something and perhaps let them guide you so that you could see things from their perspective – that could also help understand their thinking when you both collaborate on the next project!

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