8 Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

8 Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Gift buying can be difficult sometimes, knowing the right thing to buy for the woman who has it all can be stressful. Flowers and chocolates are pretty outmoded, so here are some outside-the-box ideas for special gifts that will surprise and delight your friend, partner or Mum.

1. A Meal

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Whether it’s taking your girlfriend out for a decadent meal at a fancy restaurant or spending a couple of hours preparing a luxury dinner at home for your Mum, the gift of a dinner is a wonderful idea. Not only does it show that you have put thought and time into choosing a cuisine and restaurant they would enjoy, or preparing and cooking a meal for them, it also provides an opportunity to talk and spend some time with them. For extra special recipes check out ottolenghi.co.uk or if you fancy eating out then you should look at Charlotte’s Food Map of London at notsobasiclondon.com/food-map/ there are loads of great tips for eating out in Central London.

2. An Etsy Gift

Etsy is such a great resource for gifts with that special, personalised twist. There is a wealth of beautiful hand-crafted and vintage goods. There’s jewellery, homewares, clothing, furniture, ceramics…the list goes on, and it’s all hand-made to order by independent designers and craftspeople. I particularly like the selection of beautiful and different rings, there are some gorgeous delicate and understated pieces or even some super modern and bold designs that will really set off a fresh shellac manicure!

3. Theatre or Gig Tickets

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This is one of my favourites, tickets to events make for an unforgettable present whilst also not making more clutter for your loved ones! Especially living in London, it’s good to keep your possessions to a minimum. Make sure you get your gal pal two tickets though, whether the second is for you or another guest it’s nice to make sure they don’t have to go solo. If you’re not sure what kind of event they’d like to go to then you can buy gift vouchers for theatres or gift cards for websites like ticketmaster.co.uk.

4. Membership to their Favourite Museum

There are so many brilliant museums in London that are worth visiting over and over, particularly since the larger ones regularly change their exhibitions. Memberships will often not only secure free entry to the museum or gallery but also queue-jumping and entry to exclusive exhibitions. The Art Fund’s National Art Pass is a steal at £67 for the year and only £34 for under-26’s and gets you entry into over 700 venues and also a subscription to Art Fund’s quarterly magazine. For more info, read here.

5. A Gift Basket

How special it is to receive not just one present but a whole basket or box full of them! There are tonnes of different hamper companies you can easily find online with lots of options to style your gift basket such as theme and recipient. Amazon.co.uk also has a surprisingly broad selection, and of course Etsy.com for something a little more customised. You could craft your own basket from scratch as well, but it’s lots of work, come in and chat to us and we can recommend some beautiful moisturising oils and creams for hands and nails to include in your basket.

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6. A Mani Pedi

Of course, what is more decadent and luxurious than a deluxe nail treatment. We offer a range of different treatments including stunning 3D UV nail art, exquisite shellac manicures and nourishing SNS Vitamin E and Calcium manicures to get your girls nails feeling super strong and revitalised! Keeping your hands healthy and looking beautiful can be so important for being confident in the rest of your life, your girl looks at her hands every day – let’s make sure she feels extra beautiful. And you know who’s ready to help? That’s right, Trieu Nails London, your local nail bar. Book you and your friend in here, and let us pamper you.

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7. A Subscription Box

There are such a variety of these out there at the moment, it’s difficult to know where to start. But I love the idea of a monthly box of gifts. but it could just be as simple as a reoccurring amazon order of their best-loved consumable products You can imagine the feeling of opening a brown box filled with your favourite things, and each month! Try theming the box if you’re going to do it yourself. Try high-end coffee or fine olive oils and salt. If you know their scent, buy them a bottle of that every few months. You can look online for inspiration, or even just buy one of the pre-made ones! Try looking on Look Fantastic or Ipsy for ideas.

8. A Craft Class

Everyone loves craft, right? Play it by ear, but if your present-receiver is someone who would enjoy spending some time crafting away with you, then do it. It’s quality time, you walk away with an object to remember the day with, and you learn something new. There are lots of pottery classes going, but maybe try silversmithing and ring making as something with a little more class. Making each other matching rings sounds adorable, right? Try looking on Airbnb’s ‘experiences’ page for exciting classes to go to with.

So, there you have it; you’ve sated your mother in law, bought your daughter something tasteful, and organised an experience for you and your girlfriends. Now come down and chat to us  about how it went! And if you need any more inspiration, check out our gift treatments and nail menu here, the perfect gift.

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