I have long manicured nails and this does not mean I am not  successful or career-driven

Let us talk about some old myths of you having long acrylic nails or gel extensions. They say it looks terrible, it looks awful, it looks unprofessional, and it scares people off. These usually are the words of conventional and traditional. That’s old news; they are old news! In today’s world, women with long nails are perceived to be career-driven and successful. Some successful women with long nails are Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West, Khloe Kardashians, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and other known celebrities. Not only are they successful in their talent, but they are incredible business people who are also multi-billionaires and have their sh*t together! Here are the eight reasons why you can have long nails and can also be successful and career-driven and what they mean:

  • Long nails indicate fiercely independent and strong

You are comfortable with being yourself. Women like getting their nails done alone. You are fine to figure out things on your own. Women don’t do it for the guys. You want to look good and feel good. They always wanted to put their best foot forward and have the best of the best!

  • You are a risk-taker

When you do extensions, you’re not afraid to try out things and experiment. The multi-billionaire Kylie Jenner is bold and takes the initiative. It’s no surprise that she always has a classy set of manicured extensions. She’s never afraid to take risks, and so are you.

  • You know what you are looking for

Women often go to nail salons for French Manicuregel manicure, Shellac Nails, Nail Art, and other nail services. You keep coming back to your trusted nail salon and stay loyal to your nail artists. You won’t compromise quality. Trieu Nails is the Best Nail Salon in London, trusted by many women. They provide the best quality of nail services. Check out their website https://trieunails.com/.

Long Acrylic Nails makes you bold when it comes to a sense of style

Women usually are the ones who like to experiment and have a unique sense of style. You know what looks good on you, and you wear it with confidence. You walk out of the house, feeling confident and proud of yourself. Career women are a go-getter, and you always stand out in the crowd. You love to be the center of attention – in a good way.

  • You are creative and innovative

Women are never afraid to go out of the standard and try new things. You are always up for an adventure. You are still coming up with new ideas for your nails from time to time because you enjoy creativity and innovation.

  • Acrylic extensions make you responsive to current fashion trends

Career women are always in the look for new fashion trends. You never want to miss out on what is in these days. You like matching your fabulous attire with entirely long nails to achieve an overall trendy look. Women love expressing themselves through fashion.

  • You know your worth and you spend for it

After your long day at work, you take time off in taking care of yourself by going to a salon. You believe that you deserve to pamper and relaxation time to clear up your mind from work. You go to a salon to have your hair treatment and nails done. Women are willing to spend cash, and you won’t settle for less. If you want it, you will get it.

  • You know how to wait

We know that gel nail extension or Acrylic Extensions can take much of your time. But you are patient enough when it comes to having your nail services at the salon. You are willing to set aside other things and sacrifice some of your time to achieve that entirely made gel nail extension or Acrylic Extensions.

Pros and Cons of Nail Extension

Nail extensions can mask almost any natural nail imperfection for a pretty, flawless look, and it can create an excellent blank canvas for creating nail art. It can also protect brittle nails that are prone to breaking and splitting. Broken or split nails can become infected. But if it’s covered with a quality extension, applied correctly, and following a sanitary procedure, the natural nail can recover adequately.

There are also disadvantages to having long nails. Incorrectly or poorly applied nail extensions can threaten the health of your natural nails and nail bed that take risks in developing a nail infection. Also, the longer the nail extension, the more difficult it is to do everyday tasks like washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, etc. Super long and claw-like shape nails with busy designs and crazy nail arts can make you seem unprofessional. If you don’t want to take risks with nail extensions, you can opt for other nail services such as Regular Manicure, French Tip, and simple Gel Manicure. When you work in an office environment, natural nails or short nails with subtle colors will make you look more professional. You can choose from these colors: nude, light pink, black, pearly white, brown, blue, green, red, and gem-tones.


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