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How to Plan a Hen Party: 8 Tips for Hosting

How to Plan a Hen Party: 8 Tips for Hosting

Today we’re talking about planning a hen party, this can be a pretty daunting task since it’ll (hopefully) be your bride-to-be’s only one! It’s difficult arranging things for a larger group of women as well, so to make sure you get it right. Don’t end up with a bridezilla. Here are our 8 great tips for hosting a special hen party:

1. Get Help

Stuff this can end up being a lot of work for one person, so crowd-source from your other hens, get a few different ladies to help when write a clue or organise a challenge – a little bit of delegation can save you hours of work!

2. Pick a Theme

Try to think outside the box, consider what your bride-to-be likes and plan a theme around her. It will be much easier to plan activities once you’ve decided on your theme. Have one over-arching theme for the day and everything else will fall into place. A treasure hunt can be a super fun way to keep the day moving along, with a little something for everyone.

Women fruit hen party
Fruit Themed, Anybody?

3. Avoid Clichés

As far as hen parties go, nothing is more forgettable than a load of glittery penis-shaped tat. In Holland bachelorette groups can be identified by extremely classy laurel wreaths, the bride-to-be wears white flowers in hers. There are lots of different ways to identify yourselves as a special group without going down the traditional tacky route. Having said that, maybe your girl not only wants but will expect, willy shaped straws and a stripper-gram! You know her best, so just use your judgement.

4. Plan Group Activities, Tasks and Challenges

Not only will this make the day feel very jam-packed it will also provide a brilliant ice-break. Lots of hen groups will include friends and family of the bride who maybe don’t know each other very well, give the hens opportunity to be teamed up together so that the shyer members of the party have a chance to get to know everyone else without focus being on any individual.

It’s always a brilliant idea to start the day off with all your ladies getting a fresh manicure, all the girls rocking some beautiful new nails will make everyone feel super fancy and ready for a luxurious girly day. Crafty activities such as garter making are often a hit, sewing can be difficult for some people though so consider using a no-sew magic hem like Wundaweb. Another fun idea is to print off pictures of the groom-to-be and get your hens to personalise them with glitter and pom-poms.

5. Consider Your Audience

It’s great fun to make the day a bit saucy and rude, it’s always a good time to play the Mr&Mrs game and make your bride-to-be blush- but think about who’s attending. Are you inviting the bride-to-be’s grandmother? Do you think she would like to hear about her granddaughter’s sex life? If you’re doing a whole day of hen party fun then perhaps you can arrange the racier stuff for later on in the day, allowing for the older and less party-ready hens to have enjoyed themselves and gone on home before the silliness begins.

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6. Don’t Get Hung-Up on Your Schedule

You’ve worked really hard on organising this brilliant day and you want to make sure you fit everything in but try not to end up tapping your clipboard and checking your watch – let your ladies have their fun! Make your schedule nice and flexible so if one activity ends up being a big hit and extending past it’s allotted time then you can just work around it. Also, if you’re relying on venue opening times give yourself some leeway, nothing is worse than getting to the next place half an hour early and having to wait outside until it opens!

7. Budget!

Even if you aren’t doing anything that requires deposits or prepayment from your ladies, make sure that everything is affordable for everyone, you don’t want your hens to have to dip into their weekly manicure budget. If you’re doing a bar-crawl this is easy to manage as the girls will decide themselves how much to spend but if you’re planning to get spa treatments or visit nightclubs with entry fees then make sure you tell everyone in advance.

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8. Be Super Extra

Show your bride-to-be how much thought you’ve put into your planning, make her feel loved and special. Goodie bags or party packs are a nice extra touch, include anything you may need for the activities you’ve planned and maybe also some dressing up items for everyone. I like to include an “Advice for the Bride-to-be” card in each pack, these can be collected up and made into a cute little booklet, the perfect souvenir for a lovely day.

I also love to do little gifts for the bride-to-be throughout the day, these could be things to prepare her for the wedding day itself, like gift vouchers for wedding nails, a pedicure, a good quality spray tan. Consider theming the gifts, around a favourite, or  take a traditional poem (there are many!) describing things that are lucky for a bride to wear on her wedding day. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”… it’s a special day, be extra.

Just follow these tips, and relax. You’re gonna do great! We’ve got our perfectly manicured fingers crossed for you and your bride-to-be! And if you need some extra glam gel extensions for the day, you know who to see. Come down and visit us on Roman Road at the Trieu Nails London nail bar – get the girls together before the big day for a calming pedicure. It’s local, so pop in, make a booking here.

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