8 Ways to Add Value to Your Life

8 Ways to Add Value to Your Life

8 Ways to Add Value to Your Life

Here at Trieu Nails London, we’re all about living our best lives, enhancing our life experience wherever we can. And we’d like to help you do the same. Adding value to your life is simply about learning to enjoy it more, savouring every experience. And it’s a taught skill. No one is really born with a sunny disposition. Life is beautiful. Train yourself to believe that. Here are our 8 ways to add value to your life:

1. Mindfulness

Take a moment to relax. Think about how your body feels. Are you sitting? What does the chair feel like? Can you feel the ground beneath you? Awareness of our environment gives us enough clarity to enjoy things for what they are. Self-awareness is mindfulness, and they go hand in hand with self-care and anything that makes us feel strong and beautiful. Mindfulness is a big topic, and it’s explained brilliantly in this post by the NHS.

2. Follow your Passion

Make sure you’re doing what you love. And this may mean big change in your life, but embrace it and try to move forward. Remember, change can be a fuel to amplify your journey. Sometimes your passion isn’t actually your career and work life, that’s fine. Just as long as you try to spend as much of your energy possible on things that you care about. Savour the enjoyment brought by things that you have a passion for.

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3. Self-Care

Treat yourself well, feel beautiful, be powerful. Come and get a shellac manicure to treat your beautiful nails and give your confidence a boost of vitality and gorgeousness. Take time out of your day to look after yourself. And we know that you’re busy, so we stay open late here at TN, 10pm weekdays and 7pm weekends, so anytime you need a little extra self-love, we’re there for you. Taking care of yourself will mean you spend less time in pain, less anxious, and overall less sad. If you look after yourself, the rest will fall into place.

4. Be Self-Aware

Consider the effect you have on those around you. You might learn that you have more power than you realise. And it’s really important to put out into the world what you want back. So think carefully when doing things that impact other people, if you put negative energy into the world it’s sure to come on back to you one way or another. But in all seriousness, how do you expect people to treat you well, when you treat them badly? With self-awareness comes a new found ability to appreciate things for what they are. Like, you’re actually in a sunny park, so look around and try to appreciate that you’re there. This also means accounting for the times when things aren’t so bad, and accordingly taking steps to make that situation better.

5. Simplify your Life

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Get rid of the junk: apply the KonMari method. Throw away anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. The time spent in your new clean house will be more valuable because of it. Marie Kondo is a super cool Japanese organising consultant and author. The KonMari method is a simple system where you throw away everything that doesn’t bring joy into your life. You can apply this to more than just your clutter and cut out any of the unnecessary or toxic elements of your life. It sounds funny, it is. But have a think, what physical objects you could get rid of? At worst, it’ll be refreshing, and at best, lifechanging.

6. Have Daily Goals

Set achievable daily goals each morning. If you give yourself reasonable and achievable daily goals then you’ll be able to take pride in your successes every day. Applying this positive challenge and reward system to your daily life can really elevate your general outlook, and if you can achieve happiness every day then you’re definitely winning at life. Setting unreasonable goals for yourself will just depress you when you fail them. Set small goals, then complete them happily.

7. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat well and exercise. Doing so will give you the extra energy to do the things you love, and to be the most beautiful positive person you can be. Gotta love those endorphins. But this healthy lifestyle also means taking care of those nails too. So eat lots of berry fruits for their antioxidants, and dark greens such as kale and spinach for enough iron and fibre to strengthen and nurture those claws. Here at Trieu Nails, we offer SNS treatments to give your nails some extra nourishment when they’re feeling a little tired. Read more about SNS in our blog post here.

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8. Be Open to Change

That change might be choosing a different career, or taking a step back from a toxic relationship. Maybe it’s as simple as just changing up your nail style. Sometimes the simple things can make all the difference. I love to get some super exciting nail art when I’m feeling a little life-weary. Here at Trieu Nails we love to try something new, and some flash new nail art can really give you that wow factor to heighten your self-confidence. Get yourself feeling bold and individual. Whatever the change, embracing and accepting it can will make your life so much less stressful. Go along with life, accept that you just have to, and try to enjoy the ride!

You’re a baller, with all this value in your life. Look at you go. You’re practicing mindfulness, being more open to change, and really living your best life. So, we’ve got lots of other blogs that’ll help you improve your life in similar ways, check them out here. Now come in to Trieu Nails, your local, loving, London nail salon, and let us know how it’s all going. Cya!

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