9 Ways to Make Your Commute Enjoyable

9 Ways to Make Your Commute Enjoyable

We all know that the journey to work can be boring, monotonous, day after day on the same bus, or struggling to find a seat on the tube. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. Whether you’re the early bird in at 6am, or you’re on the night bus home after working late again, here are Trieu Nails’ 9 best ways to make commute more enjoyable.

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Podcasts are the best way to pass your journey; gripping true crime that makes you reassess your fellow passengers (try ‘Serial’), or amazing comedy so spot-on you can’t suppress your laughter (try ‘BBC Comedy of The Week’). Here are some of our favourites:

a) Listen to ‘The Moth Radio’ from American ‘National Public Radio’ (NPR) for personal stories, ones that touch you and almost make you teary, stories to connect with personally, and stories so unique that you’ll stop thinking of your fellow passengers as just hunks of meat, hell we’re all people trapped on a moving body of metal rushing through a tube, ‘why don’t you take my seat mate?’. 

b) If you love business and economics, and we know you do since you already freaking dominate the city with your totally glam nails, you’ll love this next one; ‘Freakonomics’. Enjoy such classic episodes as, ‘The Data-Driven Guide to Sane Parenting’, or, ‘Why You Shouldn’t Open a Restaurant’. Freakonomics is hilarious. Completely logical and sometimes logically insane answers to uniquely pertinent questions; psychology, sociology, and politics, all from a staunch economic perspective. You’re going to love it. 

2. Listen to Music

Listen closely to music with lyrics, that’s entertaining isn’t it? Like, try and work out what the person is saying, and then think about what they’ve said. It’s actually super fun, guys? So, we really like poetry (ssh!), there’s a lot to listen to on YouTube, and even on Spotify! Try ‘George The Poet’ out for size, he grew up on a council estate in North London and talks about relevant things from a playful perspective, often set to piano.

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3. Catch up with the News

Download yourself a news app, then listen to the news and become woke to the issues. It’s as easy as that. Now, not only can you lament war, but you can also stay up to date with thrilling UK politics. Drink every time you hear Brexit and get your nails done on your lunch break to make yourself feel better about this sad world.

4. Browse Reddit

Reddit is so completely legit we can’t even describe. Seriously, download the free app now and read your personally tailored feed offline. Reddit is place of filled with lots of niche communities, I like r/Bonsai to name just one. You can find people pouring their heart out on Reddit, you can find news, entertainment, and intrigue on this unique and beautifully simple app. There’s so much content related to nails (look up French Manicures!), you can drool over the delicate artistry, pick your favourite piece of nail art, then come down to Trieu Nails, your loving local nail bar, and have us put your perfect set of acrylics.

5. Read a Free Newspaper

Go, grab yourself a copy of the Metro, they’ve already cut down the trees, you might as well go for it. Remember to take a pen with you tomorrow, those crosswords are juicy, or maybe you prefer a sudoku, no judgment here.

6. Play a Mental Game

Like, count how many people around you have red shoes. On a side note, have you ever read, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’? It’s told most convincingly from the perspective of a severely autistic kid, 12 years old. The kid counts red cars on the way to school to judge how good of a day it’s going to be, yellow cars are bad. If you see yellow shoes on the way to work, probably better off to call in sick. Which brings me along nicely to…

7. Read a Book

If you’ve got hands, and you’re not in a car, how about reading a book – there’re really no excuses. Try out the one we mentioned above, it’s great. Though, if you’re on a busy train, even a sly little paperback is to cumbersome. Don’t be silly, the easiest way to read (for me at least) is on your phone; use the pre-installed book app. If you’ve got an iPhone you can use ‘Books’ to download a whole host of old classics, and many new books, all for free. If you’re on Android then I’m sure there’s some alternative, you’re a big girl, go figure it out!

8. Plan Ahead

Make daily plans on your phone, you know you ought to. You’re a grownup now, and a highly productive one at that, that means you make plans, and you stick to them. Then you drink wine and get your nails done, like any sane person. Make these plans, and follow through, you’ve got this!

9. Check out the Other Nail-Game on the Tube

Who’s got the neatest pedicured nails, and who’s got the old ratty acrylics. You too can feel confident that you’ve got game, come in and we’ll sort you out some fierce Shellac nails ready to stun the whole top deck of the bus…

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So, now that you’ve had an entertaining commute to work, your highly stimulated self is going to be operating at full potential. We hope you have a great day at work, you’re going to do great. Maybe try approaching something from a fresh angle, you’ve got what it takes! Afterwards, maybe treat yourself to a pedicure or a piece of your favourite nail art, after all, you’re going to have earned it!

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