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Amazing Holiday Destinations With Sun for Each Month

This article is perfect for sun lovers! We know that sun lovers will do whatever they can to be in the warm weather. They are willing to spend a lot of time, money and effort just to chase the sun.

This list will make all sun lovers enjoy the warm weather all year round:

January – Thailand, Mexico, and Barbados

The weather is great in any part of Thailand during this month. You may enjoy basking under the sun on the beach or explore the temples and embrace the Buddhist influence; Mexico has plenty of sunshine along its Carribean coast. Cancun in Mexico is a great destination to consider in January. It has ancient Mayan sites as an excellent sightseeing spot; The island of Barbados has a tropical climate and warm temperatures all year round..

February – Sri Lanka and New Zealand

February is an excellent month to visit Sri Lanka. You can swim in the beach, eat delicious food, and experience the safari wildlife in this country; In New Zealand, February is the last month of summer so you can still enjoy water-based activities there.

March – Florida and Malaysia

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” due to its nice weather. In the month of March, Florida’s seas stay nice and warm. You can have a dip or swim on Florida beach – morning until afternoon; Borneo, Malaysia is described as the largest island in Asia. It has lands of swamps, mangroves and swirling mountains. During the month of March, Borneo has a dry climate which makes the natural habitat more enticing. The Lankayan Island in Borneo is known for its gleaming reefs and whale sharks.

April – Egypt and Morocco

Cairo, Egypt is the largest city in Africa with a desert climate. The sunshine hours in Cairo last for about 10 hours a day; Marrakech, Morocco has a Meditteranean climate and desert landscape so it is nice to roam around the Gardens, Palace, and Tombs of Cairo.

May – Greece, Italy, and France

Athens, Greece is best to visit during May. This city is blissfully full of sunshine and blue skies. Have a lovely photo with the ancient buildings in sunny weather; Sardinia is all about the beaches and one of the most popular coastal destinations in Italy; Corsica, France is a great holiday destination in May. The sea water is warm and it’s a great place for swimming. Tourists travel to Corsica for outdoor playgrounds and active holiday activities such as hiking and kayaking.

June – Cyprus, Portugal, Jamaica

Cyprus is best known for its beachside resorts such as Paphos. This country has the warmest winters of all the Meditteranean countries; The temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is perfect for climbing up and down the hills. This climate allows you to experience other activities in this place such as visiting museums, shopping, and more; Montego Bay, Jamaica has a hot temperature perfect for sunbathing. There are other beaches across the coast such as Ocho Rios.

July – Indonesia, Prague, New York

Bali, Indonesia is bursting with dramatic landscapes, ancient culture, natural beauty, and superb sands. Indeed a perfect place for taking photos; July is the sunniest time of the year in Prague. Excellent for touring around the castle, cathedrals, medieval squares, and more; New York gets warm over the summer. This city is the center for entertainment, fashion, and media.

August – Spain and England

Barcelona, Spain is a great destination for beach holiday. Have a sunbathing in the morning and sightseeing in the afternoon. Barcelona is also rich in history that you and your family can explore; Menorca in Spain has photogenic beautiful scenery and white sands. Also a perfect place for picture taking under the sun; Brighton, England is a vibrant city best for summer vacations. It is called ‘London By The Sea’. Other things you can do in London is to have a relaxing nail treatment at Trieu Nails. Try our Gel Nails, London’s best nail treatment. Book yourself an appointment here

September – Turkey and Lanzarote

Bodrum, Turkey is a popular tourist destination due to its Mediterranean climate and wonderful beaches. Sunshine hours in Bodrum are extended up to 8 hours. More time to bask under the heat of the sun; Lanzarote is the most visited tourist destination in Europe and it has the hottest temperature in the Canary Islands. Perfect for sunbathing and outdoor activities.

October – Brazil and Lebanon

Rio de Janeiro is the largest city and is the former capital city of Brazil. It is situated in the Atlantic coast which makes it best to have a walk on the sunny shore. They also have museums, gardens, and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer; Beirut, Lebanon is a glamorous city full of beach clubs and rooftop bars. October is the best month to enjoy the sun on the beach of Beirut. People residing here are known to be living their life to the fullest.

November – Los Angeles and Singapore

Los Angeles is known to be the second biggest city in America. It is home to films, television industry, Hollywood celebrities and stars, the famous walk of fame. and the big Hollywood sign over the hills. November is the perfect month to have a tour around behind-the-scenes, watch entertainment theatres, and visit Universal Studios for some fun theme park experience; Singapore has a tropical climate which means it is always hot in this country. It is popular for attractions such as Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, S.E.A aquarium, Gardens by the way, Orchard road, Marina Bay, and more. Singapore is not too huge so you can visit most of these places in a day.

December – South Africa and Australia

Cape Town, South Africa is a multicultural city that is known to be one of the best sun destinations. Cape Town is perfect for a beach holiday. This city also has lots of fascinating history and natural beauty; Brisbane, Australia has a subtropical climate with hot and warm conditions. Perfect weather for museum and art gallery tours as well as walk in the parks.

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