Stop! Don’t Reach for the Black Polish Just Yet…

Looking for excess or subtlety? There are so many other options.

As autumn and winter arrive, it’s easy to predict what nail colour you’re going to choose, and many of us automatically reach for the black or a very dark nail polish. However, there are other nail colours and nail designs that you should be considering as the cold takes over.

Here are some nail art designs and trends that will inspire you to recreate them yourself or take to the salon.

Tortoise Shell

It’s say to say that 2019 was the year of animal print in the realm of fashion. We have seen it all. Leopard? Been there, done that. Tiger? Please. Zebra? Obviously! But, we are now living in the age of the tortoise shell print. From jewelry, to clutches and the heels of autumn boots, tortoise shell will find a way into your wardrobe one way or another. now, I shall welcome you to a world of tortoise shell nail art. It delicately dances on the line of excess and subtlety, it is also a fabulous way to ditch the black polish this winter. Here are some of my favourite ones:

Decadent Marble

When my friend showed me that she wanted marble nail art, I was suddenly a woman obsessed, and then I found my Instagram flooded with marble designs. It’s hard not to be mesmerised by this nail art trend. First we decorated a rooms with marble coasters, brush holders and stationery. This trend has gone from interior design to decadent nail design. Again, it is the perfect balance between excess and subtlety, it’s not in your face but it’s not hard to miss either. Go ahead, and swirl together your dark colours and light colours for this mesmerising look. Here are some cute examples:

Euphoric Rhinestones

If you’re anything like myself, you have been on the Euphoria bandwagon since the beginning of the show, in turn you have also stuck crystals and all forms of glitter onto your face. With characters like Jules, Maddy and Rue, the show has given insight into the ways people portray themselves and their personalities through makeup. This makeup movement has swept the beauty community and I see no reason it should sweep the nail community either.. Let’s bring back the art of the subtle rhinestone and glitter. Go ahead and illustrate your personality through your nails! Perhaps like these ones:

But Make it Fashion

We would be crazy not to pay homage to world of fashion, so it’s nail art design, but we’re turning it into fashion. One of the most iconic moments in fashion has to be the Mondrian Collection of Yves Saint Laurent. Just because autumn and winter are on its way, it does not mean that we should stop colour blocking, and the examples below are beautiful reminders of the fashion trends we saw over the year. Why not unleash the artist within you and try one of these designs?

Neon Lining

Okay, ‘hot girl summer’ is apparently over, but no one said we couldn’t have ‘cool babe winter’… So, we’re going to take one of our favourite range of colours into these cold months: neon! Of course, you can always be bold and carry on with the full neon nails, but we can also get creative. One of the examples I found was neon lines. They’re simple yet oh so bold and work really well for all the festive parties that are approaching. Why use the same nail colours as everyone else when you can flaunt your unique colours?

Changing the French Tip

We all love a good french manicure. But, get this, there’s a new classic to be reckoned with. The classic white french tip is out and every other colour is in. There are so many options to choose from. However, my personal favourites from this upcoming nail design trend are the metallic tips and the pastel tips. Both are chic and will certainly make your classic french manicure that little bit more glamorous.

Monochromatic Gradient

You know that feeling, I know that feeling, we all know that feeling. You know, the one where you cannot, for the life of you, decide which of the variations of one colour to choose for your nails. There’s always a solution to that problem, simply pick a few variations of the same colour, and there you have your minimalistic nail art design. The sky is the limit with this trend, and these pastel examples, are some of the prettiest ones to be inspired by!

Negative Space

If you can’t maintain a manicure to save your life – well, welcome to the crew – so let me introduce you to negative space. These designs continues to look beautiful past the first week and you’ll find yourself having a stunning manicure for up to a month. That’s right, we’re getting beautiful nails in the autumn and winter, and saving money while we’re at it! You don’t have to just paint the top half of your nail with negative space and way to ditch the black nail polish the examples here portray other creative ways to utilise it.
  1. Feeling Flakey

Feeling Flakey

Again, Euphoria and Jules’ gold flakes have found their way into more mainstream nail design. There is a subtle decadence to adding gold flakes to your nail polish. This trend will be perfect for all the parties that you’ll be attending in the autumn and winter!

Watercolour Wonder

As we long for the beaches and coasts of the spring and summer days, these watercolour nail designs, will have you reminiscing them as you sit at your desk or on the tube inspecting them. Throw some of your favourite colours together and make your own masterpiece!

And now you know, just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean you have to reach for the black polish.!Have fun experimenting with these autumn and winter nail design trends! Come and Book Here.
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