How to Create a Good Impression on a Date

How to Create a Good Impression on a Date

The dating game can be challenging. There are so many things involved for you to be successful in finding Mr or Mrs Right.

Stage one: you must endure days, weeks, or months of non-stop chatting. You get to know your new ‘friend’ a little better to determine if any attraction can develop. If you are lucky, the green lights come up and in no time you are staring with anxiety at stage two.


Stage two is the Date. The big day where everything you have hoped for comes to life or gets shattered to tiny, irreparable pieces.

The thing is, dates can be tricky. The success of the date depends on you, as much as it depends on your partner. Either party can make or break the day but one thing is for sure- you must come prepared.  

Making a good impression on a first date is vital. You must ensure that your date sees the best and most beautiful part of you. Of course, you are encouraged to be true to yourself, but there are other factors that play a significant role in the impression you leave.

Here are some practical ways to create a good first impression on any date.


Looks take half the scores. Whoever said that it didn’t matter how you looked for a date was terribly wrong. The importance of an appearance in leaving a good impression cannot be undermined. When you walk into the venue for your date, your new friend will have all the time in the world to consider your appearance. So, the point is, you must look clean, beautiful, and presentable for a date.

Start with simple self-grooming like taking a shower, brushing and flossing, and picking the right outfit.

Wear something that is comfortable and pretty. Ensure that you evaluate the impression your outfit gives.


Yes, hands matter too. Your hands most times reveal things about your personality that your date can pick up on. Perfectly manicured hands show that you care about your appearance to the smallest detail. They also show elegance and confidence. Visit Trieu Nails for a beautiful shellac manicure or acrylic nails in London. We guarantee that your hands would look soft, smooth, clean, and beautiful for that special day.

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Become an active listener

Talking and listening can cause several problems on a date. There are times when one person is so excited they get carried away and talk about themselves all night. There are also some situations where neither party knows what to say.

Set the pace for your date by becoming an active listener. Pay attention to what your date has to say and ask important questions too.

Arrive early

This is essential to any date. It is important that no party keeps the other waiting for more than the agreed time. Showing up early means that you care about the date and it eliminates growing tension.

Keep the phones away

You might be tempted to show off your shellac manicure a few times by holding your phones and texting friends. This is not acceptable on a date because it is rude. Keep the phones nicely tucked away in your purse until the date is over.

Think positivity and confidence

It takes courage to go on a date and hope it turns out as you expected. Don’t leave that courage at the door; rather build confidence from it for the duration of your date. A confident woman looks more attractive and comfortable with her date. Your positive behaviour will influence your date and put him at ease.

Be sure to go beyond small talk

Small talk is not unheard of. In fact, most dates start out with small talk about the weather, siblings, work, and so on. While this is great, it’s important you get creative and move beyond small talk. You can ask direct questions to get to know your date better.

Make eye contact

It’s easy to connect with your date when you make good eye contact during conversations. Your date will be impressed by your attentiveness and this is sure to promote the success rate of the date. While making eye contact is healthy for the date it is equally sexy and that is fine.  

Be polite

This involves talking politely to your date, the staff of the venue and anyone you meet during the date. Being polite makes conversation easier and leaves a good impression.

Good table manners

Chances are your first date is at a restaurant or at least involves food. Don’t forget your table manners as you eat. If you had a gel nails or acrylic nails done at Trieu Nails London, you can rest assured they are durable and will continue to stand out with their glossy nature.

Have fun

Dates can make you nervous, but you must overcome this feeling and have some fun. Meeting new people and connecting with them is a social activity and should be fun. Taking the date a little lightly can help you enjoy it more. Also, if the date doesn’t end up being Mr Right, you won’t feel completely shattered after having a fun night.

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Trieu and You

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By Lynn Trieu

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