Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail Salon in London

Essential Wedding Preparations: Your Ultimate Checklist for a Perfect Day

You’re so close now and it is probably the most exciting time of your life, but maybe also a little overwhelming. Don’t stress though, we’ve got you. In the weeks coming up to your wedding there are so many things to do, most of which you’ll have lists and plans for but, sometimes we need a little help. So, here are the 8 things that I found that keep you super zen before the big day.

1. Have a Full Dress-Rehearsal with your Bridesmaids.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

Do the whole look: dress, shoes, underwear, jewellery hair and make-up. Get your girls round one evening to test the whole look out, this way you can trouble-shoot any potential problems with jewellery catching on lace, or your train dragging whilst you dance. Give you an opportunity to be excited by how incredibly beautiful you look! Also, it’ll break in your shoes. Do that at least…

2. Spa Day.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

If you haven’t blown all of your ‘luxuries’ budget on the big day itself, then treat yourself to a spa day. A deep tissue massage and a hair masque will do you wonders and ensure that you’re utterly glowing for the big day. If your cash-flow must be saved for the wedding’s glitz, then make yourself a simple manuka honey face mask and treat your hair with some argan oil at home. Make sure you do this well in advance of the special day to allow your skin and hair to settle into the treatments. For more interesting home remedies check out Common Sense Home.

3. Mani-Pedis.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

This is an absolute must, getting mani-pedis with all your closest girls is the ideal way to relax whilst perfecting your wedding look. Here at Trieu Nails we offer special wedding acrylics, or you can even hire out the whole salon for you and your best ladies to get Mani-Pedis! Book yourself a slot here.

4. Confirm all the Vendors.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

Your hair stylist, your makeup artist, the caterers, the photographer, the band…the list goes on. Just type out a quick email and ping it off to all of your vendors, it will also be an opportunity to make sure you’ve paid everyone you need to pay! Having that extra reassurance that all your people will be there are ready to do their thing at the right time will be such a weight off. Then think about the nicer and more important things, maybe your future married life!

5. Finalise your Shot List.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

Make sure you have your finalised shot list submitted to your photographer. This is super important since you’re only going to get one chance at these photographs. It’s a good idea to designate one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to run social media for the day, make sure it’s someone who wants to do it and that you can trust to stay on top of it throughout the day. Chat to them about hashtags and filters to get the perfect record of your big day. Use Instagram for inspiration and to work out these specifics beforehand.

6. Take Some Time Out.

It’s been crazy, you’ve worked so hard planning this amazing day for months, possibly even years, and it’s going to be beautiful. Now take a break already! Whether that means a long weekend in the country, a yoga retreat or even just a chilled night in watching rubbish rom-coms with your girls – trust me you’ve earned it.

7. Treasure Time with the People you Love.

8 Must-do's Before your Wedding/Best Nail salon in London

Not just your future partner, although they are important too. Weddings are simply a great opportunity to get together with the lovely people you don’t get to spend much time with. Maybe that’s because they live really far away, or you’re just both so busy with your crazy work schedule … but now that you are together, capitalize on this opportunity to spend time with them before the big day!

8. Drink Water!

Seriously, drink water whenever you can. You’re gonna be super busy so it’s important whenever you remember to gulp that water. Good hydration is the key to glowing skin, shiny hair and of course healthy nails, so carry a water bottle around with you and stay hydrated!

And finally congratulations and good luck with your big day girl! We’re really excited for you, it’s going to be really special and remember if you need some elegant wedding day nail art – we’ve got you! Come down and see us for a wedding nail consultation. Or, hire out the shop for you and your girls to get pampered pedicures!

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