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How to Gain Confidence Instantly to Achieve Greatness in your Personal Life

How to Gain Confidence Instantly to Achieve Greatness in your Personal Life

Some people just seem to have everything figured out right? They walk the talk, always look stunning, people listen to what they say, and so much more. Unfortunately, you don’t have it together like these people; you falter when you speak, freak out on dates, and don’t seem to get much attention. The only difference between you and those other’s really is just confidence.

Confidence can make anyone glow from the inside out. It can make you feel you can do anything at any time, and when you believe that, others can sense it too. This is what we strive to provide at Trieu Nails in London, the best nail salon when you come visiting. Thankfully, it is possible to turn things around and in a little time.

So, how do you boost your confidence levels instantly and achieve greatness in your personal life?

1.Get your nails done!

From experience, this is the fastest way to get your confidence levels up. Walking into a nail salon near you in London and coming out with beautiful shellac nails or acrylic nails can make anyone feel like a super. It enhances positive thoughts in your heart and uplifts your mood. Guaranteed. Not to mention everyone else will notice those nails and the positive vibe.

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Also, getting your nails done is a form of self-care. Everyone needs self-care regularly to experience self-love and boost confidence. Pamper yourself with us and go home with enviable gel nails in London; they look natural and shine brightly.

2.Dress the part

Sporting pretty nails on drab clothing may not work out as well. Go shopping if you must, call that fashionista friend to revamp your wardrobe, or hone your fashion skills to match the right outfits. Dressing the part is vital to your confidence boost as it works in the same way as getting a manicure. When you wear flattering clothes, you are sure you look great, you can walk with a smile and a confident glow.

3.Let yourself feel

Some can take all the right steps towards confidence and still don’t maintain it because they are holding back. Self-love is important for everyone to live a happy life. Start a daily mantra today, stand naked or clothed before a large mirror and say these words,” I am beautiful, confident, and proud of myself. I can have anything I want”. Smile at yourself and keep these words in your head as you leave the home. In no time, this positivity would have you glowing from within unconsciously.

Always refrain from using harsh or unkind words on yourself and let no one do it to you either.

4.Walk with your head up

There is nothing wrong with staring at the ground while you walk. However, just looking up whilst walking can make you seem more confident. Make the effort to look up while you walk. Observe the trees, cars, and heads all around you. If this is difficult to do at first, get sunglasses to begin. Ditch them when you develop more confidence in walking with your head high.


5.Take a selfie

Studies have shown that you experience a confidence boost from taking selfies.  Why you may ask? Because selfies make you look at yourself square in the eyes and apply conscious efforts to get your best pose. This can wash you with self-love and give you the much needed and truthful belief that “I am beautiful” as you click away.


Anyone who has tried this can tell you how satisfying it is. Listening to music while you work in the home, run errands, and so on can be motivating. For some reason, it has the power to improve your mental health, open your mind, and leave you feeling powerful and optimistic. Give yourself a daily dose of music.  


The whole aim of meditation is to reduce stress and increase confidence. Meditation is a proven way to clear your thoughts and become self-aware. Change your daily routine to include a few moments of meditation. Use online classes or join a group in your area.

8.Wear black or red

With no questions, black and red are the power colours. They immediately give you attention and admiration from others. They are bold and daring colours that tell others you are confident and happy. So, switch your game with a few red and black dresses or red lipsticks. They are great for dates too.

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9.Say NO!

Having the confidence to say no to someone or something is a great feeling. Does someone want you to go out of your way for their benefit- say no! Was your date late and giving excuses- say no I’m not happy, I don’t like that at all, just learn to say no a few times and speak your mind. Be honest with yourself and others. Not only will you boost your confidence instantly, but it will set a standard.

Trieu Confidence

We love to help people feel great about themselves. We believe everyone, man or woman, is beautiful and capable enough of enjoying love and life. And a boost in your confidence levels could make you enjoy it that little bit more.

At Trieu Nails, the best nail salon near you, we work hard to make every visit a pampering experience. This is supported by the amazing results of stunning manicure and pedicure. We deliver on what you desire and with creativity to make you beam with pride and satisfaction. Experience the Trieu confidence with us.

By Lynn Trieu

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