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Horoscope-Inspired Style Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

Horoscope-Inspired Style Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign. Looking for something to spruce up your wardrobe this season, but struggling to make up your mind? We’ve come up with these handy style idea and tips from the stars (literally) that will help you to personalise and have fun with your look, helping you feel more confident than ever. 

Confident Nails made from Stars!

Virgo (August 21st – September 22nd)

As an earth sign, Virgos tend to feel comfortable in earthy browns, greys, deep greens and maroons; or a classic monochrome look. Known for their stability, consistency, and always being on the move, an outfit that is comfortable, practical and well-fitted, while maintaining a level of class, formality, and of course, attention to detail, is important for a Virgo.  Virgos tend to feel great in a structured outfit; A-line skirts, tailored trousers, comfy cardigans and blazers. If their outfit is perfectly colour-coordinated or follows a theme, you can be sure a Virgo will feel empowered and ready to face the day. Matching your nails, accessories, jewellery, or even hair colour within your look can bring confidence and elegance. 

In terms of make-up, something subtle such as thick, statement eyebrows do the trick, and won’t need topping up throughout the day. You are a busy bee, and don’t have time to be popping to the salon every five minutes, so your best bet is to get a Shellac makeover that will last a long period of time and won’t get in the way of your daily activities and errands as it uses your natural nails as a base. Also, with a huge range of colours to choose from, you can match your nails beautifully to key wardrobe pieces and accessories, meaning you’re always ready to show off your effortless neatness and attention to detail!

Libra (September 23rd– October 22nd

Libras are social butterflies and know how to give a warm welcome and a friendly smile. Known for kindness and selflessness, the key word for this zodiac sign is “balance”- their symbol is even a pair of scales. Therefore, a Libra will know exactly how to combine different styles together, mixing different elements and accessorising creatively. They will find that space between “too-much” and “not enough”, “dressy” and “casual”, “vintage” and “modern”, accessorising each look with their bright smile and loving temperament. 

Pink, blue, and white tend to be the favourite colours of the peace-loving Libra, a shirt or dress in a pretty, swirly print will always bring the intrigue and conversation our social butterfly desires. Soft and flirty looks bring out the Libras playful personality. 

You’re indecisive, so better off choosing a nail style that you’ll love no matter what your mood. A lover of luxury, travel, and the good life, a set of romantic, rounded pink or nude acrylics could be your best accessory! Always looking out for others, the Libra sometimes neglects to treat themselves… head to the best nail salon in London, Trieu Nails for a shellac manicure, that’s long lasting and luxurious. 

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd

Scorpio is the darkest, sexiest sign, and so you can have lots of fun with your style! Dark gothic pieces, lace, leather, and so on are a must… or you can wow all those around you with a statement red piece. A Scorpio looks to accentuate their figure with big belts and bodycon dresses, or tightly fitted jackets. A sign known for being a little freaky, it might be fun to try out a classic look for a night out, with long gloves or a cool hat. Long boots are always a win with a Scorpio, especially as autumn arrives and winter draws closer. 

It doesn’t get much sexier than red nails, and as a Scorpio you may be drawn towards slightly unconventional shapes, such as coffin or stiletto shaped acrylics, which, in a deep crimson or black, can really show off your quirky and seductive personality. For a longer lasting look, try Shellac.

Let the Vibrant Nail Colours do the Talking!

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 22nd

These happy go-lucky risk takers are driven and motivated individuals, whose power-colour is supposedly purple, though they thrive in light colours too. Not afraid of being the centre of attention, bold colours and fashion forward statement items are a must, and although they care a great deal about what they look like, for a Sagittarius, comfort is key. Baggy trousers, mom jeans, big hoodies, and sturdy, bright trainers and boots look great on the stylish Sag. Creative and loveable, Sagittarians are some of the first to try out the latest trends… an almost always rock them! 

It’s rare to see a Sagittarian without a few key pieces of statement jewellery. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold or to get that new piercing you’ve been thinking about- bravery and loudness looks good on you. In terms of nails, some Sagittarians love an over-the-top look, while others prefer something calm and subtle. Long acrylics, a bright shellac colour, or some funky colourful nail art all go well with their bold, unapologetic personality. Be fearless!

Capricorn (December 23rd– January 22nd

Dark shades make these winter babies feel most comfortable as a rule, and the simple, sophisticated pieces they choose let the whole world know that they not only have their life together, but that they do what they do with style. Effortless sophistication is the key. Tailored pieces and luxurious fabrics are ideal for those born under this sign. Known as the most serious and organised of the signs, their outfits tend to have a touch of class. A fancy trench coat or a big luxurious cashmere scarf are Autumn/Winter Capricorn essentials. 

Simple, chick nails in subtle tones are recommended for the Capricorn. As a practical work-orientated sign, something pale and neutral that won’t upset the bosses is a must; your nails will reflect your organised and put together personality. Though you’re very busy between work and helping your friends, Capricorn, a nail salon near you, Trieu Nails, is the only nail salon in London that’s open late, which means you can still squeeze in a luxury manicure. Complete the manicure experience by treating yourself to a matching pedicure, to fill your psyche with the order and neatness it craves.

Aquarius (January 23rd– February 18th

The rebellious, humanitarian, energetic bundle of life within the heart of the aquarius deserves a unique and uplifting style to reflect it. Normally passionately ethical, and unafraid of being creative and unique, an Aquarian can have hours of fun and come out with a full wardrobe if they go to the right charity shops! This will suit their conscience to a tee as well as help them maintain their reputation for being trendy, unusual, rebellious, and different. Other ways to do this can be to mix and match bold colours and prints. 

Many Aquarians are lovers and followers of make-up trends, collectors of palettes, unafraid to venture into the world with a creative, expressive look. Your power can be brought forward with bright, long, interesting nail styles or a long-last shellac in a bright colour. Always after something a little unique and artistic, come and chat with the professional stylists at Trieu Nails and see how they can bring your individuality and vision to life, before your fingertips! 

Pisces (February 19th– March 20th

Despite the fish’s tendency to “go with the flow” the dreamy, psychic energy they possess will find them leaning towards the most creative outfits. Don’t be afraid to swim against the tide, as it were; wear patterns, prints, and create silhouettes that are flowy, energetic, bold, and beautiful. Try layering a girly slip dress over a coloured sweater this autumn, and pair layered looks with sturdy, chunky boots or trainers, ready for an afternoon walk alongside the brightening autumn colours. You love nature, especially anywhere near water, so although you love to look good, you also crave comfort and warmth. Your senses are important to you, so stay cosy, and leave a lasting impression that survives as long as your otherworldly conversations, with a sweet or musty scented perfume. 

Although they come up with the most unusual and enthusiastic ideas, it can be very a hard for a Pisces to make a decision they’re happy with and stick with it. A deep purple or turquoise shade can look beautiful, and choosing a two-toned look, or some glitter, can bring out all the sparkly, watery energy within. Never one to want to outdo others, and not necessarily a lover of all things over the top, Trieu Nails’ Shellac manicures are reliable, long-lasting, and vibrant, just like the wholesome temperament of the Pisces. 

Aries (March 21st– April 19th

It’s easy to spot a trendy, powerful Aries in her element. This fire sign generally goes for boyish and unconventional tailoring, almost always in their favourite, most empowering colours, which they totally own; red, of course, and classic black and white, all make a big statement as confident and loud as the Aries soul. This sign loves to do this in comfort as well as style, making sporty pieces an important part of their wardrobe. Aries rams are ruled by the head, so if you’re an Aries, you’re likely to be drawn towards hats, hairbands, and crazy haircuts. Go for it! Nobody is more equipped to get away with it than the confident, fun loving Aries. 

Always the trend setter, a bold, statement lipstick never goes amiss for an Aries, likewise for bright coloured eyeshadows and grungy eyeliner, keeping the ram of Aries happy by drawing attention to the head and face. A choker and interesting earrings are also a big hit. In terms of nails, the classic red-nailed look may be bold enough for some Aries’ but otherwise fierce pointed acrylics in black, white, red, or all three can add a super bad-ass touch to a comfy and casual look, while making a powerful statement on a night out or in the office! A gel finish is consistent and sleek, and Trieu Nails is great if you’re looking for a nail salon in London for a gel nail polish application or gel nail extensions!

Taurus (April 20th– May 20th

Pale pastels, calm pinks, greens, and purples are signature colours of the Bull, much in line with the relaxed, composed temperament most Taurus’ radiate. They are work-focused, creatures of stability who place a huge emphasis on being comfortable. Generally, you’ll see a Taurus in classic, basic, casual pieces but with unique detailing and embellishment. Each piece they wear tends to be carefully selected- you won’t catch a Taurus making rash decisions with their money, particularly on frivolities such as fashion, so although lovers of designer and luxury clothes, it’s likely they’ll have found a thrifty way to get their hands on the items they really want, and their patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to waiting for a sale to come along, or in a bidding war.

Sitting at home online shopping isn’t exactly a chore for the Taurus, so keep an eye out on online thrift stores for nearly new second-hand goods that won’t break the bank.

Financial stability is important for the Taurus.

That being said, they still know how to treat themselves. A Taurus’ nails can be pretty, simple, rounded acrylics or a light coating of a pale polish over a luxury manicure. A manicure at Trieu Nails will suit him or her down to the ground, because of the way they actually take care of your hands and skin before and after treatments, leaving you feeling luxurious, with hands that look and smell beautiful and soft long after. As well as giving attention to your nails and skin, the sign of the Bull will always want to draw attention to the neck area, as the bull rules over the neck and throat.

For this reason, the Taurus tends to use their voice a lot, as a job, as a chatty person, or perhaps they tend to consistently have issues with their throat. A chunky knit scarf can be a beautiful way to look after this region, or, for inside, or when the weather is warm enough, accessorising the neck with a delicate necklace is a must for a Taurus!

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th

Infamously two-faced (or more in fact), Geminis are known for being changeable, often described as being made up of several people or personalities all rolled up into one. Therefore, their taste in fashion as well as music, friends, and all sort of things is likely to be eclectic and far-ranging, embodying a whole number of different styles in quirky and inventive ways. Gemini’s are generally drawn to yellows, oranges, and all sorts of warm, bright hues- to make a really bold, pumpkin-spiced statement this autumn, that’s as intriguing and unique as you, try changing up your hair colour or make up routine, adding some sexy red and golden tones to your look. Mixing and matching bright colours and personalising basic pieces to create new and interesting shapes is fun for the Gemini, who loves to dress up differently every day, and be unique.

Geminis are ruled by the hands, so perfect nails and lots of jewellery are a must!! A bright coloured set of nails that doesn’t follow the conventional rules of fashion would suit the Gemini down to a tee. Neon or matte yellow acrylic nails, or to protect the natural nail bed, shellac nails in one of these bright colours can draw attention to your powerful, magical hands. To play on the duplicitous personality trait Geminis are said to have, why not try a warm colour on one hand, and a cold one on the other, or light on one side, dark on the other. This will also make your look more flexible and interesting with ease, especially good for someone who loves to “shake things up” as much as the drama loving Gemini. 

Cancer (June 21st – July 20th)

One of the loveliest, most caring signs of them all, Cancers are generally drawn towards pastel colours in feminine styles- lace, and silk, but in comfortable, simple cuts. The Cancer’s symbol is the crab, so although a smart, structured jacket and workout pants usually convey a tough exterior, there are also times when he or she is comfortable, loses the shell, and shows the squishy, soft, delightful personality inside. As a reserved sign, their fashion can be a little conservative to the onlooker, but underneath there’s likely to be a lacy or colourful surprise, reserved for those closest to them. Natural fabrics and colours, pale neutral silvers, creams, whites and blues help this calm water sign to feel most comfortable. 

Accessorising is super important for the Cancer, and can help bring a casual, plain and classic look to life. They are rarely seen without a handbag, and chances are they have a huge collection to choose from. Along with Leo below, Cancer is another summer sign that uses their fashion to convey their mood, so changing up accessories or featuring bright nail colours in your look can be a win. To keep things simple and take care of yourself, try SNS nails for a new treatment with a sole focus (as well as creating a dazzling finish) is to protect and improve nail health. Metallic silvery and pearl shades that coordinate well with your favourite accessories are great for this water sign. 

Leo (July 21st– August 20th)

Perhaps more so than any other sign, Leos use their fashion to really communicate their mood and personality into the outside world. Although often referred to as a selfish sign, this couldn’t be further from the truth than most Leos… certainly, they love to take care of themselves, and aren’t afraid to come across as confident. This isn’t a flaw! We could all adopt some of the confidence Leos show in their designer and luxury finds, bold prints (especially animal prints and glitter), and most of all that big, sexy, beautiful mane for which they’re renowned. 

Sometimes enough really can never be enough, so go OTT with bling. Accessorise to the gods! Big gold or silver earrings, long lashes, a cute bag can all go a long way in making your outfit day-to-night. That’s not to say Leos are lazy… well, they can be! So, head over to Trieu Nails for a long-lasting Shellac manicure- bear in mind that this fire sign’s lucky colours tend to be all things gold, yellow, and orange, like the shining sun all Leo’s are inside and out! Click here for your next appointment!

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