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Healthy Foods and How They Affect Your Body

Healthy Foods and How They Affect Your Body

Food is a daily requirement for our bodies. It is the fuel we live on. Every meal we take comes with a set of nutrients that give instructions to the body. For example, some foods give instructions for the growth of healthy natural nails and skin, which are important to women. If you consume the wrong foods or inappropriate amounts, the body will experience the consequences of that.

Healthy food

Eating daily is important but eating healthy is what truly matters. We will explore how food affects the body and what nutrients are best to consume.

 Physical Benefits

Each day we go about different activities with the confidence that our bodies will support us. Few people stop to consider how the body is physically capable of so much. The simple answer is food. The nutrients we consume determine how we tackle activities like reading, working a job, shopping, and exercise. Food gives the body strength, agility, speed, and endurance. To be physically active each day, consume diets rich in carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Mental Benefits

Mental health is a vital part of healthy living. It controls almost every other aspect of health. When the mental state is right, an individual can make effective decisions, life choices, build relationships, and much more. Mental illness or instability can be life-threatening. Mental illnesses include depression, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease. Food plays a major role in mental health. It provides the nutrients required by all parts of the brain to function as they should. When these nutrients are absent, mental health fails. Foods that contribute to mental wellness include lean meats, low-fat yoghurt, fibre-rich foods, and vegetables.

Social Benefits

Yes, your social life depends on a healthy diet. When you are well-fed with nutrients, you become physically and emotionally stable. You can make decisions, form bonds, and engage in social activities. Without the influence or benefits of healthy foods, it is impossible to have a normal social life.  A malnourished appearance may turn off the right people.

Nutrients and their Functions

-Vitamins and Minerals

Unlike some nutrients which are used for energy, vitamins and minerals aid in building up and breaking down processes. Vitamins can be water soluble or fat soluble. Water-soluble vitamins which are vitamin B and C are easily dissolved in water. They can be obtained majorly from fruits and vegetables. Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K. They dissolve in fat and can lead to an uncommon vitamin overdose when taken in large amounts.

Vitamins help the body to maintain healthy bones, tissue, skin, and teeth. They also play a major role in the development of healthy nails. When your nails are in good condition, they are better suited for a gel manicure or shellac nails to achieve a natural look.  Minerals work closely with vitamins. They assist growth and help to balance the acid-base level in the body. They equally contribute to nail and bone growth.

-Fat and Carbohydrates

These are energy giving nutrients and heat suppliers to the body. They provide fibre for the brain and the strength for physical activities. Fibre helps to detoxify the body and improve bowel function. Fats support the internal organs and provide taste in foods. Both nutrients must be taken daily.


This is commonly known as the building block of the body. Protein is an important nutrient and a constituent of the human body. It can be found in hair, bones, skin, blood, and so on. Protein foods are easy to incorporate into diet and are highly essential for good health. They include eggs, chicken, beef, and pork.


 Superfoods you must know

The term superfoods is used to describe foods rich in specific nutrients. They are usually delicious, uncommon, and of great benefit to health. Here are superfoods to include in your diet for a healthy living and beautiful natural nails, skin and hair.


Seafood lovers have always known the value of shellfish. It is called the most nutritious animal in the sea. Shellfish contains vitamins B and D and minerals. A healthy consumption of shellfish will give strong nails, bones, and a whole body system.


Most people love potatoes because they are easily available. They are another rich source of vitamin B and C. Potatoes also contain minerals needed by the body such as magnesium, copper, and manganese. Potatoes can also be filling and this plays a role in weight management.


The next time you buy lean meats, remember that the liver is the most nourishing organ. It contains almost all essential vitamins needed by the body.


All berries are superfoods. They are the most recognized superfoods by nutritionists. They enhance memory, provide antioxidant, and help with nail growth. Berries are delicious and can be eaten fresh.


Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are often demonized because of their cholesterol content, but this can easily be controlled to obtain its other benefits.


Whole sardines are very nourishing as they contain almost every nutrient. They are small oily fish that contribute to heart health, skin, and other organs of the body.


This food is probably the last thing you want to classify as delicious. However, it contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that protect the entire body. Garlic can help to fight cancer and other diseases. It equally contributes to strong nails and smooth skin.

 Food and Nails

Healthy nails result from a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Nails can be strong, long, and natural. To help your nails grow, eat foods like salmon, whole grains, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, and eggs. Vitamin B and minerals are directly linked with nail growth.

healthy manicure

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It is important to know caring for your nails can go beyond proper diet. Visit us regularly for a professional manicure and pedicure to keep your hands, feet, and nails clean and healthy. 

By Lynn Trieu

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