How to Gracefully Handle Friendship Breakups

How to Gracefully Handle Friendship Breakups

Romantic breakups happen more often than we would like and as expected, there are several publicized ways to get over it. Most experts want to talk about how you should handle a romantic breakup, but few remember another form of breakup that might hurt even worse.

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A friend or a BFF (Best Friend Forever) is someone you love dearly. They are your go-to persons for everything. The relationship between friends differs from a romantic one because you get to fully express yourself. Friends let you make dumb jokes, cry on their shoulder, mess up their homes and put it back together again. The extent of goofy you can go with a BFF is unmatchable. In fact, friends are there during a romantic breakup to help you get back on your feet. All of this is why a friendship breakup can wreck you physically and emotionally. What do you do when your BFF isn’t part of your weekdays or weekends anymore? Here are 8 practical ways to gracefully handle a friendship breakup.

1.Acknowledge your pain and give time to heal

A lot of people underestimate the hurt of losing a friend mutually or because of a fight. Some try to bounce it off as nothing only to become a mess later. The first thing you must do is acknowledge that your best friend is lost and yes, it hurts like hell. Embrace this pain and proceed to heal slowly. There’s no need to rush the healing process. It is normal to feel waves of confusion, anger, sadness, or regret. Process your emotions so you can move on.

2. Fill your day with exciting activities

Try not to sit back at home and sulk. Fill your day with interesting and exciting activities. Choose things you have probably never tried to boost your mood and pass the time. You can also set a new goal to keep busy and channel your emotions into something productive.

3. Socialize more

Don’t neglect the opportunities to meet new people. Now, with a lot of free time on your hands, you can get out there and make new friends. Be open to knowing people and getting close to them. At the same time do not rush this. Take it slow and steady. Avoid comparing new relationships with your former ones. Allow bonds to develop naturally.

4. Work on your social media

To help you gracefully handle a friendship breakup, your social media might need some modifications. The last thing most people want to see is their ex-best friend posting on all social media pages and showing off their new friends. This hurts even more when you haven’t moved on in the same way. So, save yourself the heartache and headache by using the breakup buttons on social media. They include untag, unfollow, delete, mute posts, and so on. Do not give in to the pathetic urge of stalking every move your ex-best friend makes on social media.

5. Be strategic with mutual friends

Mutual friends are people you and your BFF know. They might not be aware of the friendship breakup and this can make things awkward. It gets worse with those mutual friends that do know. Develop a generic response for those who are uninformed. For example, when someone goes ‘How’s Lisa?’ you reply ‘She’s good but we don’t spend much time together’. As for the other group of mutual friends, try to blend in or cut ties if you can get over how strange it is.

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6. Practice self-care with a manicure appointment

The best treatment for the emotional imbalance is self-care. Activities such as a visit to the spa or a nail salon can lift your spirits and soothe your pain. Set up your schedule to include regular visits to Trieu Nails in London. We can recommend gel nails or shellac nails for a natural feel and finish that comforts your inner lady. Book an appointment or visit the salon any time.

7. Learn from it

What went wrong? Determine if the reason for your breakup was distance, a fight, a romantic partner, a bad attitude, or something else. Discover how you can learn from this for your next friendship. And yes, you will find an equally wonderful new BFF if you open your heart to it.

8. Volunteer for several reasons

Volunteering helps you take your mind off things. It teaches you the value of giving and helping others. It is also a good way to channel your energy.  Volunteer alone or with other friends and family.


Trieu Nails and Friendships

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