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How to Keep a Long Lasting Shellac Nails

Every trendy girl loves her shellac manicure and would wish the nails could last longer. This is hardly surprising because Shellac nails are natural yet so beautiful. The blend of awesome technique, gel nail polish and more make shellac nails stronger, thicker, and more durable than any other type of manicure. It gets even better when you chose to get them done at a professional nail salon like Trieu Nails in London.

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Shellac nails are said to last for two weeks without the dreaded sight of peeling or chipping. However, some ladies can tell you they experience controversy on how long these nails really last. There have been occasions where a shellac manicure peels after only a few days. This is not only heartbreaking; it is mortifying!

Hence, to get long-lasting shellac manicure, you can’t just sit around and make no efforts to practice aftercare. These nails won’t survive a week if they have to go through the harsh conditions you force them into unconsciously. To help you keep the durability of your favourite shellac manicure, we have discussed the aftercare methods below.

1.Start with healthy nails

Before you can hope to get beautiful and long-lasting Shellac nails, you must have healthy nails. Peeling or splitting cuticles with weak nail beds is not a healthy nail requirement for a durable Shellac manicure. Give your natural nails a chance to grow by doing a few things right. Avoid biting your nails and learn to moisturize the cuticles often. Keep your hands away from drying agents and hydrate often.  Hydration is important to help your nail cells expand. Another way to get healthy nails is by eating right. Certain foods are helpful to grow strong, healthy nails. Protein foods such as poultry and lean meats serve as building blocks for not just muscles, but the nails as well. Fruits like berries, bananas and grapes offer vitamins for nail growth. Dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, beef, milk, and eggs are other rich sources of nutrients for healthy nail growth.

2. Protect your Shellac nails

After getting professional shellac nails in London, it’s all down to how long it would last and the best aftercare to use. Learn to protect your hands and nails during daily activities like washing the dishes, gardening, or anything else. Wear rubber gloves during such chores to prevent direct contact between water and your nails. The rubber protects your beloved nails from the effects of harsh cleaning materials which can seep into the nails and break down the product before its expiration period.

3. Don’t pick, bite, or cut

Yes, some ladies remain guilty of attempting to bite their shellac nails. Others pick at it and even peel the coats off. All of this can damage your natural nails and will degrade the durability of your shellac manicure. If you have a rough or lifted edge, reach out to us at Trieu Nails to determine if a repair is necessary.

4. Stay moisturized

Moisture is important for the skin and nails. By using moisturizing products, the skin around the nails can stay in good shape and support the long-lasting nature of your shellac manicure. It helps to prevent flaking or dry cuticles from developing. You can use a drop of cuticle oil every night to keep the nails moisturized too. Drinking enough glasses of water daily can also help you stay hydrated which is great for skin and nails.

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5. Avoid excess exposure to sunlight

Some shellac colours are affected by exposure to too much sunlight. When you are out on the beach, remember to dry your nails and hands after leaving the water. Do the same before sunbathing to avoid any colour fading issues. Spend less time in chlorine pools and always carry a suitable SPF product for the hands and nails during a vacation.

6. Do not treat your nails as tools

Your shellac manicure is a jewel and should not be treated like a newly acquired tool. Do not for one moment think the strength of your nails with a shellac manicure suddenly makes it a can opener. Treat your nails as delicate and avoid any stress to them.

7. Let the nails dry

As manicurists, we have experienced clients running out of the nail salon without allowing adequate drying time. Yes, the shellac manicure is a quick process but resist the temptation to rush the drying stage. It is necessary for the UV light to get all the way to the bottom layer and completely dry the products. Do not be deceived because the nails appear dry and impervious to touch.

8. Apply a top coat

By all means, feel free to cheat the chip. Applying another top coat to your shellac nails can get you a few chip-free days. Use a nail-drying and strengthening top coat to enjoy this secret.

9. Nails can grow out

Having gel nails in London does not guarantee your nail growth will become stagnant. On the contrary, your natural nails will continue to grow as normal underneath the shellac product. This usually shifts the product leaving a recognizable space between your skin and the shellac nail colour. The solution to this nail grow out is to get creative. Apply another colour on the bottom of the nails to hide grow out or use glitters. It keeps the nails durable for more days.

10. Avoid hot water

Hot water or liquids is your enemy. They can seep into the nails and quickly degrade the coats causing them to lift or peel. Use rubber gloves that protect you from the heat.

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Remember to visit the nail salon or book an appointment for repairs or removal. Do not attempt to remove the shellac manicure without professional help. We ensure your nail bed is preserved. At Trieu Nails in London, we give you only the best and most valued service. With these practical tips above you can get your shellac nails to last the full two weeks and in some cases up to three weeks. 

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