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How to survive unemployment

Multiple companies and organizations were majorly affected since the rise of the pandemic. Many people were put on hold with their contract, some resigned, and others were laid off due to cost cutting. So a lot of people felt scared, anxious and didn’t know where else to go. To help unemployed people cope up with unemployment, we have gathered tips on how to survive unemployment. Check out the list below on how to get through with it on a daily basis. 

1. Apply and claim for unemployment benefits

After getting your last paycheck, it is normal to wonder where you will get your next source of income. Sure you may have submitted your resume to different companies, but it usually takes time for them to respond to your application. While waiting for your next opportunity, you can always apply and claim for your unemployment benefits from the government. The money you will receive from the government will help suffice your daily needs and other necessities. This will temporarily put your mind at ease knowing that you will receive some extra money to provide for your needs.

2. Set your unemployed budget

Since your money is limited now, you have to be very careful of your expenses until you get a job. You can make a summary record of your expenses for several months, including other expenses, to see how long you will survive and until when your money will last. When you’re cutting costs, make sure that you will not lose your quality of life. Sure you won’t be spending as much as you used to, but don’t make yourself miserable. Just be extra wise when using your money for the meantime until you are able to find a job again.

3. Apply for part time or temporary work

Part time or temporary jobs may help to provide some extra cash for your daily/monthly needs. There are plenty of seasonal jobs, side jobs, temporary jobs, and part time jobs that you can try around your local area. But it doesn’t have to be in the office. You can also try part time online jobs or freelancing such as article writing, blog, digital marketing, etc. Freelancing jobs are fast growing. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities online.

4. Take care of your physical wellness and mental wellbeing

Being unemployed doesn’t always have to be about budgeting, you can also do some workout activities to maintain your healthy posture. It is also important to stay healthy during your unemployment period to keep your fit-to-work status. Aside from physical activities, you may also do some mind stimulating activities such as meditating and listening to music. These activities can be done at home so you don’t need to spend money. You can save your pennies while having fun at home.

5. Have some pampering time
How to survive unemployment/Trieu Nails London

You can also do some relaxing and pampering time outside the comfort of your own home. Being unemployed should not stop you from going out to salons to make yourself feel good. Try Trieu Nails London. This nail salon offers a variety of nail services that include but not limited to nail art, French manicure, and more. They also offer other nail services such as shellac nail removal and gel nail extension. Trieu Nails is known to be the best nail salon in London. They also offer prosecco whilst enjoying their pampering service. Your overall relaxation here will definitely be worth every penny.

6. Enhancing and learning new skills

In your spare time, you may invest in enhancing and strengthening your skills by taking online classes, seminars, etc. When we don’t have a job, we have the tendency to look down on ourselves and feel low. But enhancing and learning new skills will help boost your self-esteem and self-worth in times of unemployment. By doing this, you are reminding yourself of your abilities, credibilities and skills. Developing your skills will bring out the best in you that is beneficial for your self worth.

7. Increase your savings by doing sales

You can make extra cash by selling stuff in your house that you no longer use or wear. Try to sell your jewellery, electronics, furniture and collectibles for a higher price. You can also sell your books, clothes, bags, and shoes. You may do a garage sale or you can post them online. Anything that you think can sell, put them in the marketplace. This can broaden your network and make connections with people whom you think can bring job opportunities and hire you.

8. Maintain your daily routine

It is a relief not to be woken up by your alarm clock early in the morning to go to work. But keeping up with your routine schedule is also beneficial during your unemployment period. You may wake up a little later than your alarm clock, but do not overdo it. If your body gets used to getting up late, you will feel lazy all the time. This is not helpful to your overall well-being and self-esteem. Even when you’re unemployed, this should not stop you from doing several chores and getting tasks done in a day. By doing this, you maintain your self-worth and it keeps your brain stimulated. You won’t have time to feel depressed with your unemployment and sulk in your current situation.

9. Update your resume and send it to multiple job vacancies
How to survive unemployment/Best nail salon in London

This is the best time to update your resume and find the modern way of writing it. Your new resume must contain your most recent work experience, additional credibilities and skills which can help prove why you are fit for the job. You can do your own research on how to be creative with your resume. If you feel confident about the contents of your resume, you may start submitting it to multiple job vacancies. You may also post your resume to job sites online and social networking. You may also contact job placement agencies to help you with the recruitment process.

10. Acknowledge your loss

It is our natural response to feel sad, upset or depressed after losing a job. Acknowledging your true feelings can help you recover from the situation faster. Once you learn to accept your job loss, you will have the strength to push yourself and get back up again.

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