We’re a Nail Salon based in East London offering Manicures, Pedicures, Shellac Gel Polish and Acrylic extensions. This includes long lasting nail treatment and advice. At Trieu Nails we want to help you get the best experience and most appropriate wear out of your treatment. We’ve provided some advice on how to take care of the treatment of your choice. Any product is designed to last up to 2 weeks, providing you take extra care.

The importance of protection

It’s important you protect your treated hand or feet. We recommend that when washing dishes or carrying out other cleaning tasks you wear rubber gloves. This will keep the product in a natural state, won’t allow water to get in between the nail bed and product, and it will hold onto the shine of the nails longer. This will also aid in preventing fungal infections. When using creams and lotions, organic/biological products which are usually scentless are ideal as oppose to the harsh alternatives. For a more detailed description see the categories below. If you are unsure about anything, do not hesitate to ask our expert nail technicians.

Manicure & Nail Extensions

At Trieu Nails we make sure that the quality of your treatment is at its highest. This means that a fair amount of our product range is very durable therefore withstanding many daily activities. All levels of toughness is prone to high pressure and stress. We advise you don’t leave too much time between infills to avoid the nail becoming fragile. If lifting occurs, please do not peel the product as this damages the natural nail. When your natural nail peels off from the product, please try to get it glued back, preferably with the assistance from one of our technicians. If this procedure is not carried out, you risk fungal infection which is caused by moisture in between the product and the natural nail.

A set of acrylic/gel powder nails can be filled in up to 3 months, after this period of time it is highly recommended that you take off and have a fresh set of nails put on; this can be constructed over the natural nail or with extensions.

UV Gel comes with high gloss, high shine finish. Soapy dish water will take the shine away so wear gloves.

Rubber gloves are our friends!


When you come in for a pedicure, you must be aware of the amount of hard skin that has built up on your feet. The technician can only take away a certain amount of the skin because once the hard skin is removed the thinning skin underneath is unprotected. This skin area, under the pressure of body weight, can split and therefore lead to soreness and bleeding. To avoid this from happening it is recommended to drop by twice a month for treatment. This will help the skin on your feet become accustom to the stretching of the skin, consequently not splitting, when the hard skin is removed. It is a process that takes a while and needs to be maintained but worth the investment.


Before you come in for a wax, please prepare your skin by giving it a mask or a peel. Also, avoid having excess amount of lotion or any other product that might coat the hairs. When the wax is applied and the hair is removed, the pores are open. Many people make the mistake of applying scented products to the waxed area (deodorant, perfume, aftershave, creams etc.) or have a shower straight after with scented shampoos and soaps. This is harmful for the skin. The undesired harsh scented products clog the pores and makes way for skin impurities. We recommend organic/biological products without scent to avoid any undesired marks.

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Our Guarantee

At Trieu Nails we believe in trust and a sense of community. We provide the best quality of treatments that is possible, if your nail gets damaged within the first week please come into the shop or email a picture to If it’s a fault of ours we can offer you a consultation and repair the damage at no extra cost.

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