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Why is it important to have Manicured Hands & Feet?

The Importance of Manicure and Pedicure for Hands and Feet

When most people think of the words manicure and pedicure, they envision some deeply satisfying moments of pampering themselves. In fact, manicure and pedicure are almost synonymous with a luxurious spa day. Some women take the time to do this, while others don’t because of the perception that a mani-pedi is something of a luxury.

At Trieu Nails, we know the true importance of manicured hands and feet, and we would like to share them in this article. Read on as we discuss the concept of a mani-pedi.manicure and pedicure result

A manicure is a cosmetic and beauty treatment that includes several techniques and treatments, specifically for the hands and fingernails. The techniques and treatments consist of hand massage, cuticle treatment, clipping, filing, shaping, pushing, exfoliation, wax treatment, buffing, drip dry, nail grooming and the application of nail polish or nail art.

A pedicure is a term used to describe a manicure for the feet. This means a combination of techniques and treatments such as foot massage, foot soak, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, nail grooming, nail treatment, and it can also end with the application of nail polish or nail art to toenails.

A manicure and pedicure are also called a mani-pedi in most nail salons. Both men and women can have a mani-pedi with slight variations on the end product. A manicure and pedicure can be carried out at home, in the nail salon near you, or in a spa.

Here are the benefits and importance of manicured hands and feet.

They care for the hands and feet

A manicure and pedicure are equivalent to care for your hands and feet. The hands and feet are frequently abused. These parts of the body are exposed to all kinds of weather, activities, chemicals, dust, pollution, and so on. They work tirelessly and should be cared for to prevent any health complications.

They increase blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is important for good health and flexibility of the bones and joints. A mani-pedi involves cuticle treatment, hand and foot massage, and moisturizing. These treatments improve blood flow to the hands and feet. They also relieve any aches or pains, nourish and hydrate the skin. This is partly responsible for why you feel pampered after having the best manicure in London.

They help in the prevention of fungal diseases

When nails are uncared for they can grow inwards and cause infection. Exposure to moisture may also lead to fungal infections. The accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the nails or in cuts and bruises on the hands and feet can lead to even more severe health complications. A regular mani-pedi session with your manicurist will keep your nails strong, clean, and healthy. This eliminates infections and foot odour. Your manicurist will also be able to detect any infections in their early stages because of the techniques applied and their experience, during a mani-pedi.

They keep the hands and feet healthy

Overall health applies to the hands and feet as well. Regular visits to the best nail salon in London for a mani-pedi will keep your feet and hands hydrated, moisturized, clean, and healthy. The nails are well cared for and this ensures they can grow strong and healthy. The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells on both hands and feet leaving you with fresh, smooth skin that aids new cell growth.

They leave you with beautiful hands and feet

Looking beautiful is important to every woman. Hence, having well-manicured hands and feet is a top priority. Each session will leave you with beautiful hands and feet; nicely polished with flattering colours. This boosts self-confidence and makes a mani-pedi worth it each time.

A manicure and pedicure can be done at home, but that defeats its significance. The best option is to get a manicure near you from a nail salon. An ideal nail salon offers you that pampering experience you need in contrast to spending hours bent over trying to do a mani-pedi yourself. The nail salon is well equipped with materials to give you any finish you want and make the session enjoyable. It also offers professional manicurists who have vast knowledge on a mani-pedi.

Some options of manicure and pedicure to choose from include:

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French manicure and pedicure

French manicure is also known as the ‘Frenchie’. It is a classic manicure that remains fashionable with each passing decade. It offers you the best and most natural looking hands and feet. The French manicure consists of a base of colourless or nude polish with white tips. They are perfect for every occasion.

Gel manicure and pedicure

If you want smooth and fabulously shiny nails, then gel manicure is the right choice. It is a mani-pedi treatment that involves applying gel polish with three coats on the nails. After application, the nails will be exposed to UV light to cure or dry the gel.

Medical pedicure

A medical pedicure is similar to a regular pedicure, but it is carried out with more focus on infection control. Medical pedicure in London is carried out by a professional staff that is trained to respond to fungal and other infections.

It is thorough and hydrates your feet and heels. The process involves exfoliation, heel softening, massage, cuticle cleaning and shaping, application of nail polish, and much more.

You can get the best medical pedicure in London from a foot clinic or podiatrist.

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Urgent situations that need a manicure and pedicure

You should book a mani-pedi appointment immediately when you observe the following:

-Unevenly shaped nails


-Untidy cuticles

-Ingrown nails

-Cracked heels

These are unhealthy and bad for your image. Untidy nails mar your appearance and indicate poor self-grooming.

Manicured hands and feet are vital and much more than just a pampering, luxurious experience. At Trieu Nails, we offer thorough and efficient manicure and pedicure. We ensure that you can de-stress and reap all the benefits of a mani-pedi session. We have professional manicurists that can provide you with the most beautiful finish and long lasting manicured nails. Book an appointment today and visit the shop for the best manicure in London.

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