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My Manicure in Marriage

My Manicure in Marriage

When you are deep into relationship, you always want to be ready for when the other person makes that move. This means double-checking your looks, attitude, and much more in public. It helps to know what your partner checks out about you before making a move. Your hands say a lot and people check them out for different reasons.

Does this surprise you? It certainly might. Most people would notice other physical features However, your legs don’t count when your hands tell a different tale. As your favourite Nail salon in London, we are always ready with the tips you need to arm yourself. Read on to know how your hands play such important roles and why you need to be manicured ready!

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1.The Ring Tell

People look at hands first to determine if they’re married or not. Chances are you won’t approach a married person wearing their wedding ring. However, if there’s no ring, they would feel confident to check you out and make their move. This harmless action can go wrong if your hands appear dirty, old, hard, or carry bad nails.

2. Personal Grooming

Have you ever hidden your chipped fingernails in public? Do you believe this is just a reflex action or because you are ashamed of the conclusions people would draw? A person can be specific about checking your hands because they want to know if you practice proper grooming. Chipped nails may leave a bad impression. If your hands are properly manicured and shine with shellac nails, they will believe you take personal care seriously.

3. Hand Fetish

There are people who have a sensual attraction to hands and this is known as a hand fetish. Their eyes might fall to your hands first to feel that sensual attraction that motivates them to make a move. It will be unfortunate for them to be confronted by chipped or bitten nails. If they decide to overlook their appearance, they may want to check for softness by giving you an old-fashioned kiss on the hands. All hope is lost when they meet with hard or rough palms.

4. Hygiene

A good hygienic practice leaves you with soft, clean hands. This ensures that your hands never look old or dirty. People maintain clean hands with regular manicure and hand washing frequently. The manicure will clear out your pores and guarantee fresh looking hands till your next appointment. Guys can look at your hands to get an insight into your hygienic practices. Knowing this, dirty looking hands tell a concerned male you do not keep manicure appointments or wash your hands often. It can become a major turnoff.

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5. Sense of class and type of personality

A classy person will sport gel nails in London or any other manicure choice. This affects the way you see yourself and others. Good manicure influences your confidence levels, sense of style, and much more. Most people can sense this. Your hands can tell someone the kind of person you are. If they are unkempt, then it means you probably don’t meet many important people or work at a prestigious firm. If they are manicured ready, then the type of nails and colour come into play. Bright colours like red mean you are bold and elegant. You might also be a business person or work at a good firm.

Fun colours like pink means you are in touch with your creativity and may spend more time on things like that than a job.
Dull colours like grey or brown could mean you’re quite care free and enjoy the simple blessings in life – the interpretation goes on!

 What do you do to stay manicured ready?

Now, that you understand why someone would check out your hands before anything else, the perfect solution is to stay manicured ready. You can do this by visiting Trieu Nails in London, a nail salon near you. We are professional manicurists that provide acrylic nails, shellac nails, gel nails, and much more.

Bear in mind that your choice of finishing can be interpreted by others. So, consider the message you want to send at each appointment.

Don’t get manicured ready once and forget about it for the longest time. Keep regular appointments so you are never surprised or put off balance when you meet someone new. We are also a nail salon open late to give you great flexibility with your appointments.

Bonus tips

After the hands, here are other things your potential partner may check out before making the first move.

Your smile

A warm smile tells interested parties you are approachable. This boosts their confidence and helps them get their lines straight when they walk up to you. Meanwhile, a scowl or a frown may say ‘don’t think about it and don’t act on it’. It crushes all thoughts of approaching you and makes them unnecessarily nervous and prone to make mistakes when they finally find the courage. Therefore, a warm, normal smile is the best way to go when you are out.

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Your personal style

This falls primarily in the area of clothing. What do you wear and how do you wear them? People use this to read into your lifestyle and personality. The best way to handle this is to be yourself. Dress in a manner that displays your choices and personality. Hence, only people who find this interesting would approach you. Remember to wear confidence like your favourite accessory to compliment your appearance.

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