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9 Things All Entrepreneurs Need To Get Started

9 Things All Entrepreneurs Need To Get Started

An entrepreneur is a person who takes on financial risks and sets up a business with the hope to make profit. Entrepreneurs are brave people. They are motivated, goal-oriented, open-minded, competitive, and creative. Everyone would love to be a boss of their own, controlling their business and time. However, not everyone has the courage or other qualities to take on entrepreneurship.

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If you have chosen to be an entrepreneur, you need the right tools and resources to be successful. Setting up is always the hardest part, so don’t be surprised at how difficult it seems. As your favourite nail salon in London, Trieu Nails is ready with some nuggets of wisdom to guide you through the start of entrepreneurship. Here are 9 things all entrepreneurs need to get started.

  1.   A home work space

As a newbie in entrepreneurship, you need a place to work from. When you have a large budget, you can get an office space and kick off your business at a smooth pace. However, it might be wiser to start on a smaller scale and invest the funds for an office space into other areas of the business. A home work space is the best alternative for you. It is important to designate a specific, equipped area of the home as a work space. This can be a spot in the bedroom, kitchen, or an entire room. Don’t just sit anywhere with your laptop, rather use the designated workplace. This comes with several advantages such as teaching you discipline and incorporating the work mindset each time you sit in the work space area. It helps you keep track of all your materials and equipment and also puts them within arm’s reach. The home work space gives you a place to remove yourself from; like an actual office. This is physically and emotionally beneficial.

2.  A reliable Team

Even when you are just starting out, there are tons of work and tasks to be completed. You may not have the capacity to employ a lot of workers, but you can get a few professionals or freelancers to work with you. These people provide flexible service and don’t have to become a permanent part of your team. To find a good fit for your setup, use the following tips:

a) State your goals and ensure everyone understands them. This helps you work together and avoid complications.
b) Use a hiring protocol that allows you to ask the right questions, view credentials or references, and mitigates the risk of investment.
c) Establish a strong work culture where everyone is comfortable, a team player, and positive. It helps your team stay committed to the business’ success.

3. A business website and email address

We live in a computerised era where everyone looks to the internet to find services. Your business must be represented online with a website. Nowadays not all entrepreneurs have a local office because an online-based business can do great. As part of your setup for the business, take some time to build a great website and include a corresponding business email address. Put in your best efforts to ensure the website is attractive, professional, user-friendly, and represents your service or product in the best way. The email address should correspond to make everything look organised and original. Of course, check the email regularly to answer requests or messages quickly.

4. A go-to Website designer 

A web designer can do more than help you build a top-notch website. He or she can be your tech genius for any issues that occur. The internet is a profitable marketplace, but it comes with risks and dangers. Make sure the web designer understands your goals and is flexible enough to be helpful.

5. A new wardrobe and routine to dress and emulate success

As you make the big transition into entrepreneurship, it is essential to dress like a successful person. Your competitors and customers want to associate with a calm, collected, and successful personality. They do not want to see your struggle or sense imbalance. Always appear elegantly dressed, clean, and well-groomed. Go for the best manicure in London at Trieu Nails. We recommend shellac nails or SNS nails for a natural look and the best results on the professional scene.

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6.  A clean personal brand 

Entering the field of entrepreneurship develops the need to establish a clean personal brand. People would want to know you on a personal level to build trust as they invest in your brand. Review all your social accounts to complement your professional brand. Be more conservative and conscious of your image. You might not use your social accounts for advertising or link them to your business, but it is wise to keep a clean slate, regardless. Avoid posts or statements that might put your potential clients off or give your competitors an advantage.

7.  An effective accounting system

A lot of new entrepreneurs ignore this and it turns out to be a hectic task later on. Set up an accounting system now to avoid the stress of later. An accounting system helps you keep track of your profits, capital, investments, and much more. It protects you from losses by always giving a clear picture of what is going on in your business. Create a dependable, simple, efficient, and customised system which automates or tracks invoices, expenses, projects, payments, and others. Keep it simple to avoid confusion and always update the system.

8.  A solid network of peers and professionals 

When you have only just started out, you are prone to falling for distractions and losing focus. However, you can avoid this by building a solid network of peers and professionals. This network helps you stay connected with like-minded professionals and peers. They can serve as a pool of resources, opportunities, and business relationship for your progress.

9. A strong WIFI connection

You need a connection to the internet now more than ever. Purchase a portable Wifi device to be set up in your workspace or to keep with you during the day. A portable Wifi is a great way to stay online. Ensure it can work effectively with all your devices.

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By Lynn Trieu

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