Relax More with Our Late Opening Hours

Relax More with Our Late Opening Hours

Relaxing is a harmless word, but it is strange how difficult it is for most people to truly ‘relax’. Without proper relaxation, issues like depression become a problem. In this article, we will discuss depression and why it is important to avoid or overcome it with proper relaxation.

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Depression is described as sadness or sudden loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed. It is a mental illness but a highly treatable one. We have all experienced a mild form of depression at certain times in our lives. Common examples include after a painful breakup, unexpected loss of a job or failing at something. This case of prolonged sadness can only be diagnosed as depression if it continues for over two weeks. This disorder is unique because it can affect anyone. Depression does not discriminate between genders, age group, and so on. Statistics show that depression affects about 3 million UK citizens. The symptoms for the disorder can vary from mild to severe or extreme. Mild versions are easy to treat, sometimes without medical help but more severe symptoms will require a professional’s attention.

Various symptoms of depression

-Feeling sad or moody

-Eating disorder- either eating too little or too much

-Sleeping disorder- either sleeping too little or sleeping too much

-Loss of interest for things previously enjoyed

-Increased fatigue

-Lack of defined purpose

-Feelings of worthlessness

-Weight loss or weight gain

-Withdrawing from people

-Drug abuse or addiction to unhealthy practices like smoking and drinking

-Inability to make decisions or think clearly

-Thoughts and possible attempts of suicide and death

The chances are you have seen a few people display such symptoms. Another study reveals that women are more often affected by depression than men. It almost comes as no surprise because women are more emotional than men. The question running through your mind may include the cause of this worrying disorder. Well, the causes of depression are not far-fetched and they can also be described as risk factors associated with the condition. They are usually a combination of biological, environmental, genetic, and psychological factors.


Yes, depression can be passed on genetically. A person can be at risk of developing depression if a few family members experience the condition.

Early childhood trauma

Your childhood is the foundation of your life. Most things that go wrong during this time can be highly difficult to correct. Childhood trauma can cause a person to fear stressful situations. Hence, when they occur, you are at risk of entering depression.

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Life events

Sometimes life can be unfair. It hits you with anything and you have to decide if you can handle it. Life events like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, abuse, financial problems, and medical concerns can lead quickly to depression.


Low self-esteem or the inability to handle stressful situations put you at risk of developing depression. This susceptibility makes it easy for minor problems to seem large and influence your reaction.

Drug abuse and medical conditions

Medical conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, chronic illnesses and ADHD can increase the risk of depression. Drug abuse also plays a role.

How to treat depression

There are medications available but prescribed and monitored by a psychiatrist or another qualified healthcare professional. These experts also recommend lifestyle changes, improvement in eating and sleeping habits, support, and personal treatment.


The definition of relaxation is a process that minimizes the effects of stress in your mind and body. It is a technique which helps to cope with stress-related problems like a breakup, heart disease, a long day at work, and so on. You can relax using soothing music, going out for enjoyable activities, and pampering yourself. Relaxation does not eliminate the stress, rather it helps you to work around it and increase productivity.

At Trieu Nails, the best nail salon near you we understand the importance of relaxation. This is why we tailor our services to provide just that. We recognize the pressure of schooling in the university, going to work, or raising a family. When all this is done, the mind and the body can feel worn out. Here is how we provide you with relaxation.

By opening late

After the hectic activities of a long day or week, there’s hardly any time for other important appointments. Things like self-care and pampering are gradually forgotten. When this happens, you would begin to feel fatigued, lack the necessary motivation, and ultimately depression can set in. Avoid this problem by visiting our nail salon near you that open late in London.

We create the time you need to get a manicure and pedicure. We ensure everything is organized to enhance your relaxing experience. Trieu Nails London is a dependable nail salon near you. If you work late hours, this is the option you need to stay on top of everything else.

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Offering convenience

Relaxation and convenience go hand in hand. A visit to Trieu Nails is convenient at late hours. You can book the appointment online or simply walk into our nail salon.

We cater to everyone

Trieu Nails London is uniquely organized to cater to everyone’s needs. We make our service and working hours flexible for mothers, professionals, students, and so on.

Something people can fawn over

Our professional manicurists are always available to give you something others can fawn over. Why not indulge in a manicure that attracts compliments? Receiving a few nice words about your beautiful nails can make a busy day seem brighter. This is good for your health and can keep depression away. 

By Lynn Trieu

Trieu Nails London


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