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10 Things Everyone in Their Twenties Should Know

10 Things Everyone in Their Twenties Should Know

Crossing the threshold into your 20s can be deceiving. It seems simple and easy at first especially when you are fresh out of college and imagine you have everything figured out. Unfortunately, adulthood can be a rough transition and you quickly discover that nothing is as it seems. During these years, you get to know yourself and become the person you will be for the rest of your life. Mistakes will be made, but you will learn. To help you enjoy the most of your 20s and soar for most of the time, we have put together this exciting article. Get ready to learn 10 things everyone in their 20s should know.


1.It’s the best time to get strategic with finance

Adulthood is rigged with responsibilities and you come to discover this, only a few years into your 20s. However, it is also filled with joyful moments when you make the necessary plans. Becoming strategic with your finances early is the first step towards a blissful 20s. Learn to work with a budget. Most people become financially independent at this age and using money wisely is one of the best things you can do. Your budget should be organized properly and saving should be a priority.

2. Cherish your friendships

Everyone’s life takes a different direction in their 20s. You may plunge head-on into a career while your only friend gets married early and moves out of town. You may also get so consumed by your work, relationship, and new life that you forget to make new friends or preserve the old friendships. If there is anything you must learn in your 20s, it is to cherish friendships. Sure there are some friends you won’t be able to hold on to no matter how hard you try but remember others you shouldn’t neglect. Don’t lose good friends because of a career or dating. These things come and go but a solid friendship sees you through it all. It is important to adjust your levels of expectations and attachments as well to avoid getting hurt or being too clingy.

3. Take beauty and nails seriously

By all means, look beautiful and elegant every day of each week. The 20 something is the best time to invest in an effective beauty routine, tools, and services. Get your nails done as often as you can. Shellac manicure or acrylic nails in London are suitable go-to finish for a manicure appointment. These little things give you the confidence to face whatever life throws at you during these years, attract respect from others, and contribute to success in your hunt for a suitable partner. Visit Trieu Nails for a regular professional manicure.

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4. Never compare

It is true some of us move faster than others in their 20s. People you probably underestimated or followed blindly might move forward so quickly you begin to question your life. It is vital you recognize that someone else’s success or failure does not determine your life. When athletes race or swim, they do not turn to the side to look at others because it slows them down. They each run their separate race, competing mostly with themselves in their mind. As long as you are doing your best each day, stand proud and rest assured it is all that matters.

5. Focus on the present

Most people believe their 20s is the time to have their whole life figured out. Wrong! This is impossible as you cannot tell the future any more than you can predict what your next choices will be. There is no time like the present and no time like your 20s. It is a time of youthful vibrancy and you only get these years once! Enjoy every bit of it by living a worry free life. Focus on the present and the future will take care of itself.

6. Figure things out

Its okay to admit your current job isn’t your dream job. It is okay to quit a relationship of a few years because you aren’t happy. Your 20s is a time to figure stuff out and be honest with your findings. In life, a lot of things do not go according to plan and while it is disappointing to retrace your steps, just know it will be worth it.

7. Assertiveness must be learned in your 20s

Practice saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ when you mean them. Do not make a habit of allowing others to overcome your desires and force unwanted tasks on you. For starters, don’t go on more dates with a person who turns you off. Don’t accommodate pressure from friends or family about work or relationships. Say no or say yes only when you want to. Your 20s is the best time to learn assertiveness and eliminate gullibility.

8. Fix the attitude

There’s no fun in being the annoying person all the time. Take advantage of your adulthood to fix your attitude. Become more polite, less stubborn, less self-centered, less people conscious, and much more. Train yourself to be better each year.

9. Fight for your dreams


Dreams are something everyone can have but not everyone fulfils them. Sometimes people discourage you from chasing your dreams. They would laugh at you, threaten you, abandon you, or do much worse things. But, when you are pre-informed how lonely the roads to success are, you take it all like water on a duck. Remember, good things don’t come easy. You will have to work harder than others to achieve your dreams. Your 20s are the best time for such a determined spirit because it backs you up with strength. Don’t stop until you have your dreams in your hands.

10. Loving yourself is the real deal

As a 20 something-year-old, people try to make loving yourself seem selfish. Ignore them. Love yourself completely. No one can do it better for you. Loving yourself helps you make all-around healthy choices for your physical, spiritual, and emotional life. 

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