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The Autumn Trend Edit: Nail Inspiration

The Autumn Trend Edit: Nail Inspiration

The weather is starting to get cooler, which means Autumn is well and truly here! However, what style choices should you be rocking this season? Today we are going to make sure you’re up to date on the Autumn trends and how you can use these trends to inspire what you ask for at your next nail appointment.

The Autumn Colour Chart

A new season brings new colour trends, the highlights of this season are:

  • Yellow- the brighter the better, think as bright as the yolk of your morning egg. Yellow jumpers are a fun way to bring this trend to your wardrobe whilst also keeping warm.
  • Beige. Your autumn trench coat is not going anywhere with this colour trend. However for something new, maybe incorporate a pair of beige tailored trousers for a look that can be smart with a nice shirt or casual with a t-shirt.
  • Burnt orange- a more neutral approach to a bold colour which creates warmth in any outfit. Burnt orange silky slip dresses are major this season, to make the weather appropriate add a neutral or warm coloured jumper over the top.
  • Purple, often a colour which is seen as being rich and dark. Yet this season, the lighter purples are the popular one. Lilac is huge this season and is a fun and easy going colour to incorporate into your wardrobe.

The best way to try out a trend colour without fully committing to the purchase of a clothing item is through your nails. Why not ask for one these colours at your next manicure appointment, you will be nailing the autumn trends whilst also having a manicure that will be the subject of everyone’s envy. 

Big Bags autumn fashion

Big Bags

The biggest trend this season is the bags, in size and popularity, think a chicer version of your first day of school. Big bags come in all different varieties: cross-body with big straps, tote bags, large clutches you name it. Yet, sporting a big bag without polished nails is an embarrassment, the bag automatically draws attention to the hand carrying it. Therefore a beautifully decorated hand is a must so before you step out with your big bag this autumn why not book an appointment at your local nail salon. As the bag is the statement part of the look, think simple. Ask for a simple neutral colour or a traditional french manicure, you don’t want too much happening at once. 


70s platforms are still stomping about, the perfect partner for any outfit to instantly give you a powerful attitude. Platform heels often show off your toes thus to complete your look a pedicure is a necessity. The most on trend platforms are black patent and brown suede, therefore why not try a more bold look on your toes. A glitter pedicure is a way to bring fun and excitement to neutral coloured shoes whilst also staying with the 70s platform trend by incorporating a disco inspired element to your look.

Gothic Florals

Florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking but, florals for autumn on the other hand are! Dainty flowers contrasted with dark bold colours is the perfect autumnal look. Try out lacy floral dresses, long skirts and patterned shirts. Gothic florals are also great nail inspiration, why not get a dark colour such as a rich royal blue or a heavy black with some cute floral nail art on top?

Gothic Florals

Sharp Collars

All collars this autumn are required to finish with a precise point. Peek them out over jumpers for a more formal look or wear them under dungarees for the more casual of occasions. This trend is also a fun chance to try something new with your nails, why not try out a new nail shape by matching your sharp collar with a coffin or stiletto shape. Nothing makes you look more fierce and powerful than a sharp claw.


Asymmetrical autumn! Nothing should match- not your hems or your sleeves. Whilst sporting a one shoulder jumper along with an asymmetrical hemline may be a bit too over the top for some, try incorporating a little bit of asymmetry into your style. Why not sport an asymmetrical inspired manicure? You could go for alternating colours, or even one hand all one colour and the other and completely different colour. Another asymmetrical nail inspiration to try is to  having different areas of your nails painted, for example leaving your cuticle area unpainted or sporting an updated french manicure by having the tips of your nails painted bright colours.

Purple Autumn Fashion

Neon Heels

The ultimate statement accessory is found this season in the highlighter heel seen all over the Saint Laurent show. There is nothing to pull together a dull coloured outfit than with a huge pop of neon in your shoe. However, if a neon heel feels too unapproachable or you feel there is no point in investing in a trend based shoe that you might never wear again, why not use neon for your nail inspiration? A neon pink or green makes every outfit look cool, even if it’s just your pyjamas. You could even go for a variety of neon colours all in one look, neon orange and pink look amazing together. 


What is white all over? This final autumn/winter trend. This season sporting head to toe white is huge. An all white look instantly looks like you have put effort into any outfit, nobody wears all white to lounge about. Try a white shirt tucked into white mini skirt with white knee-high boots or a white jumper paired with some white, wide-leg, South of France style trousers. To inject a bit of colour into your all white look, go for a bold colour on your nails. It will bring some fun and make your nails stand out against a monotone look. Book yourself an appointment here.

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