Top 10 activities for introverts

Extrovert vs Introvert

Extroverts are perceived to be the types of people who enjoy human interactions such as social gatherings, parties, public speaking, and other activities associated with being around people. They tend to feel bored and lonely by themselves and feel energized when around other people. Introverts, on the other hand, are perceived to be the types of people who enjoy spending time alone reflecting on their own mental selves. These types of people tend to be easily overwhelmed by too much energy from the external environment.

Perfect activities for Introverts

While most activities involve being around people, there are also activities that complement the personality of an introvert. Below are the 10 activities that introverts will surely enjoy.


Reading is a perfect Activities for Introvert/Manicure and  pedicure

Introverts like reading. Reading is considered a perfect self-care for them. They feel energized and content when they read a book. It gives them a quiet time to think deeply or go deeper into their inner ideas. A good book is definitely a holy grail for introverts. Whereas for extroverts, reading interesting books also makes them recharged but only for a short period of time.


Introverts express their feelings through writing/Manicure and  pedicure

Writing makes a way for introverts to express their inner feelings and emotions that they cannot express in reality. It gives them a chance to share with others who they really are without a filter. Some categories of writing can be journaling, songwriting, poetry, stories, and more. Extroverts are also great at writing, but they socialize more often and go on adventures first before they can start to write a good article or story.


Meditation offers more benefits to introverts than extroverts. Extroverts who are first-timers in meditation will find it difficult to focus on breathing and silence. It drains their energy the same way that introverts are drained by extroverts’ activities. Mindfulness meditation improves introverts’ self-confidence, self-awareness, and inner peace. It is a good way for introverts to gain their time and space to feel relaxed and recharged. Different ways to meditate include yoga, listening to calm music, and more.

Solo Running and Walking

Introverts like running solo because it gives them a sense of authority, making them run at their own pace without any pressure from the group. Extroverts find it boring and demotivating. Large group runs overwhelm introverts, especially if the majority of the people are unfamiliar with them. Running solo is one way for introverts to escape the real world. Solo walks are also very relaxing for introverts, especially if they do it in places such as hills, mountains, and parks to experience nature.

Drawing and Painting

Art is an outlet for introverts to share their experience and express themselves, especially for those introverts who are having a hard time putting their conversations into words. It’s a perfect way for them to show their inner self and communicate their thoughts. This alone time leans toward their reflective approach and turns those ideas into concepts. Other creative activities may include illustrator, writer, and sculptor. These activities are often done alone which gives introverts time to think and be creative.

Online Gaming or Video Games

Research shows that the majority of gamers are introverts. Video games or online gaming is a solitary retreat for introverts, depending on the type of game they play. It’s another way for them to de-stress. Dark rooms and mental stimulation of the game improve their mood after long hours of socializing. Online gaming or video games allows introverts to create their own character and build their own worlds. Logical thinking interests them so much that it motivates them to get a high score.

Going to salon

Enforced small talk and being the center of attention are two things that frighten introverts. When going to the salon, it is unlikely that you’re not going to speak or have small conversations with the hairdressers. Trieu Nails has a relaxing atmosphere and chill vibe. The hairdressers who work there respect the level of interaction essential to each customer. Introverts will not feel overstimulated and will surely enjoy their quiet time. Try their different nail services that include nail art, manicure/pedicure, shellac nails, gel nails, and more. check out Trieu Nail salon near me. Book yourself an appointment here


Extroverts may find gardening a dull and boring activity. But for introverts, gardening has multiple benefits such as improving their mood, concentration, focus, and mental health. Gardening also makes them feel more content and peaceful. You can tell the difference between an introvert’s garden versus an extrovert’s garden. Introverts’ garden has more solitude and hidden areas where they can be alone whilst extroverts make an enjoyable and spacious garden for them to use in gatherings and other social events. Another way to tell an introvert’s garden is when they tend to spend more hours maintaining their garden than extroverts. Extroverts will most likely hire a gardener to do the gardening for them if they have the money to pay for it.


Baking is a secret refuge for introverts. It is a quiet and calming activity for introverts. Being alone in the kitchen, without distraction and a loud tv noise is a haven to them. Baking makes them focus on the task, be in control of the kitchen and organize it the way they want it to be. Introverts also use baking as their way to show people they care. They might not speak that much but the effort of sharing something delicious shows you’re important to them.


Blogging allows introverts to spend time alone making content and requires no face-to-face interaction which makes it an ideal career for them. In blogging, you don’t need to meet with your employer because work is done online in the comfort of your own home. It unveils their confidence and credibility without having to be intimidated by face-to-face interaction. Blogging creates a connection between introverts and their audience by making interesting and great content. They can comfortably express their thoughts, their feelings, and their ideas and they can freely speak their mind.

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