Even though we’re a small business, I always wanted to make a positive impact on the local community where we are based –  how to go about it was another thing altogether as I wanted to give back but also remain “Trieu” to what we do as a business – to offer the best manicure and pedicure experiences.


I looked at each team member who are all from the local community and realised what strong independent women they are. Upon reflection, all our staff started with no real skill in nails but over time with investment and training from Trieu Nails accompanied by their hard work, dedication and tenacity, they have become superstar tech that have worked magic for over thousands of clients that have walked through our doors. 

Ask any of them and they would agree that it was a real case of opportunity meets hard work that gave them more purpose. So I thought, how could Trieu Nails have this same positive impact on a wider group with this opportunity?

(Yes, that’s our amazing Salon Manager in the top left corner when she first started out training with us years ago)

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At the end of each month, we hold Trieu Nails Masterclasses aimed at vulnerable women all completely FREE. We’ve partnered with a number of charities focused on women such as:



 The Baytree Centre

 Middle Eastern Women and Society

 Your Story UK

 Asian Women Centre


Our sessions allow attendees to build confidence and self esteem with icebreakers and refreshments, an opportunity to have fun and express creatively by being taught how do to a classical manicure by one of our in-house Superstar Nail techs. By the end of the session, each person would have been equipped with the know-how of a top quality classical manicure and given a starter pack to take home.


The charities that we are working with support vulnerable women such as refugees, victims of domestic violence or anyone who has been affected by sex trafficking and are seeking opportunities and a way back to normality. However, they have been met with lack of opportunities or costs associated with retraining or finding that breakthrough.


We’re hoping our masterclasses may kick start a new found passion for even just one person or at the very least allow them to explore and have fun. We’re offering full funding & training and a job for any potential superstars too!


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Want to get involved?

We’ll keep you updated with videos and pictures of sessions but if you really want to get stuck in, here are a number of ways you can help. 

  • Please refer us to any charities that might be interested in partnering with us.

  • Share our stories, initiative and page with friends and family.

  • Feel free to donate to our donation box in store or online to contribute to starter pack equipment and refreshments. 

  • Or simply book in a treatment and ask us how it’s going!

What are you waiting for?

Book an appointment today.


Each superstar in our team will be leading these Masterclass sessions. We’re always open to understanding better ways to help the local community so feel free to drop a suggestion in our suggestion box, email or let us know in person during your treatment.


Trieu Nails, Trieu to You!

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