Wave Your Ex Goodbye

Wave Your Ex Goodbye

Sometimes it isn’t just meant to be or sometimes we might have have experienced the pain of rejection and betrayal. Break ups are hurt badly because they were caused by those we love or once did.

Breakups are one of the hardest things to get over. When it happens, it hits you like a truck sucking out all the air and leaving you in that suffocated state. You get to ask yourself what happened and why. Did the chemistry fade? Did they suffocate your dreams? The reasons for a breakup can go from one party being heartless to sheer loss of affection. While this is bad, the truth is you must find the strength to escape this emotional prison of misery.

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We agree that breakups are not the finest times in a someone’s life, but it’s time to recover. No we don’t mean sitting there tearing every picture you have together, destroying their reputation, and much worse. However, we know a different kind of recovery which is more effective and does not require so much negative energy.

As the best nail salon in London, Trieu Nails always has your back. Keep reading to learn the sure recovery methods to wave your ex goodbye!

1.Exercise and Get Fit

A new you is best served on an improved body. You may have probably lost shape from being in a toxic relationship or crying your eyes out while eating comfort foods. Chin up and slap on some gym clothes. Take a long walk daily, jog, join a fitness class, watch YouTube fitness videos, and get yourself in shape and build on those muscles. Exercising and getting fit, are the first steps to others in clearing your mind!

2. Get a new hobby

If your relationship with your ex-partner was a close one, then you might have had similar hobbies or got involved in each other’s hobbies. The problem is, engaging in those hobbies now, by yourself may serve to remind you of the hurt.  Part of your recovery is healing and forgetting the pain. Get a new hobby that is fun, exciting, and pleasant for you. You can try things like reading a book, swimming, or even something sensual you can come up with.

3. New focus, new you

What are your dreams or goals? As an independent individual, you must find a new focus. Life goes on regardless of whoever you meet. You should remember you are a whole human being with a purpose and better reasons to live happily. If you can no longer accommodate old goals, replace them with new ones. Stay focused and let the magic happen.

4. Get a new haircut

Seriously! A new haircut or a new hair colour can be life-changing. It does something different for your looks and is a great way to say ‘Hey, I have moved on’ This is sweet with little effort.

5. Get a new wardrobe

You can’t pass this up! There is no better time to splurge on a new wardrobe than after a breakup. It is like purging yourself of the old and welcoming the new. A new wardrobe gives you a fresh, unexpected diva look each day.

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6. Pamper yourself

You deserve the best treatments ever and its time to give yourself some love. Reduce any stressors in your life and indulge more in self-care. Be your own ‘baby’ and blossom under this care. Make the extra effort to look and feel good!

7. Finish off each time with a manicure and pedicure

When was the last time you visited a nail salon near you? Part of looking good is finishing off with the best manicure and pedicure. If you haven’t had an appointment in a while, you have to make one that counts. Don’t just walk into any nail salon, go to the best nail salon in London- Trieu Nails.

8. Hang out with friends

The chances are, being with your ex cut the time you had for friends. Now, you’ll have more free time to hang out and catch laughs. Don’t hesitate to hang out with friends often. Ensure they are a fun group with no stress.

9. Go on dates and put yourself out there when you’re ready

Don’t forget, you are single again but there is no need to rush. However, being single means you can get your dating game on. Be optimistic and meet new people. You can apply the lessons learnt from your past relationships, such as the red flags to watch out for. However, do not transfer aggression or trust issues. Put in the extra effort to make everything seem brand new.

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10. Stay in character

After applying the steps above, you will become a strong, beautiful, independent person.. Your ex may notice this as the recovery may hit them in the face. Some might approach you to get back together. To be fair, you might find yourself thinking about the offer, but we can say you deserve better. The peak of a recovery strategy for your ex is to stay in character. It is the right thing to do to a person who suddenly wants you back when you seem brand new and put together. Stay in character by thrusting your hand in the air and saying NO. Don’t forget to show off the manicure while you are at it.

If you are excited to get started with your recovery, contact Trieu Nails, the best nail salon near you in London or book an appointment.

By Lynn Trieu

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