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How do we talk with our hands?

How do we talk with our hands?

The hands are a vital part of our bodies with several significant functions. Aside from carrying things and performing activities, our hands also play a critical role in communication.

Communication is sometimes seen as something that primarily involves the mouth. Yes, this is true but there is more to communication than that. Body language is an important part of any conversation. It is present whether you are conscious of it or not. Body language, as well as oral communication, are further enhanced by the hands.

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The word used to describe talking with the hands is known as ‘gesticulation‘. Almost everyone does this while speaking to others. It may seem confusing to know how our hands play this role in communication, but researchers have tried to come up with a theory.

A study carried out on a group of people showed that using hand gestures helped people to easily retrieve memories or words when talking. It was established that when you are unable to use the hands as a retrieval cue, communication becomes much harder and people tend to fill in the blanks for some words with others such as ‘uuuhh, erm’ and so on.

Learning to use hand gestures properly helps people find the right words and equally enables others to understand them.

To know how we talk with our hands you must learn what some hand gestures mean in a conversation. It is also important to note that these hand movements differ depending on the nature of the conversation. For example, when in a business meeting, talking to friends or loved ones, the way you express yourself fully may differ.

Read on to learn more.

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Factors Surrounding Hand Gestures


As the best Nail Salon in London, Trieu Nails is well informed about the significance of a good manicure to hand gestures and communication. A manicure is much more than beauty and treatment for the hands and feet. It plays a role in expression because various types of manicure can reflect or depict several things to your audience.

Short tidy nails with bold simple colours show calmness and professionalism. Long colourful nails with nail art show creativity, courage, and passion. The natural and simple finish of a gel manicure can also depict something different from acrylic or French manicure. Whatever you choose enhances your personality and when you use hands gestures this also plays a part.


To use the right hand gestures or put the ideal factors in place you must apply consciousness. This means being fully aware of how you use your hands and why. You can apply consciousness when you go for the best manicure in London. Choose colours and style with precision and purpose.

There are several hand movements that people use to communicate. Each has its unique meaning while some share similar implications. The message passed across from a hand gesture depends greatly on how you use them. Are you forceful? What is your tone of speaking? Then, of course, body language and the type of audience further enforce its meaning.

Here are some hand gestures and their meanings.

1.Pointing fingers

Pointing your fingers at someone or something during a conversation is mostly interpreted as an authoritative gesture. It usually shows dominance, authority, accusation, and aggression. For example, an angry parent or teacher would point fingers at students or children to express their disappointment or aggression. It is usually a way of talking down at someone. It can be used to get a person’s attention but should be used cautiously.

2.Touching hands

This is common in a warm, friendly conversation and especially between loved ones. Touching hands fully and not just with the fingertips expresses warmth, kindness, comfort, and familiarity.

3.Clenched fists

Most people recognize clenched fists as a display of resolve, while others may tell you it means a punch is brewing. Clenched fists can mean determination, resolve, intensity, preparation, and much more. But depending on the nature of the conversation, they can easily mean anger and inspiration for a fight. When using them be sure to take note of your surroundings and the message you hope to pass across.

4.Hand on chest or heart

When someone puts their hand on their heart, they are probably saying ” I want you to believe and accept me, regardless of if I am saying the truth or not”. It is usually a gesture that shows the need to be accepted and believed.

5.Hands in the pocket

In some cultures across the world, this can be disrespectful. Hands in the pocket while in a conversation shows distrust, reluctance, unwillingness, and so on. You have to win such a person’s trust, interest or friendship to be taken seriously and get the hands out of the pocket.

6.Hand chop

If you have watched a political leader give a speech, you may have encountered the hand chop movement. It usually depicts authority and that a person’s mind is made up. Hand chop can also be used to describe something; as though breaking it into little parts for others to understand. If you need to use this for communication, make the effort not to be aggressive while doing so.

Trieu Nails and you

We have established how important hands are to communicate and the ways by which most people talk with their hands. Since hands are so relevant to talking with others, then it is essential to learn the right ways to use them. With the gestures and meanings discussed above, you are sure to be on the right path to using hand gestures properly.

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Trieu Nails helps you enhance the use of your hands in communication by providing the best manicure in London. When you use the hands often in a conversation, your audience is sure to get a good glimpse of your nails and hands. It is vital that what they see are clean hands with an attractive or neatly applied polish. A manicure near you from Trieu Nails will give you the perfect finish you desire.

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By Lynn Trieu

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