What is the best look for your Summer Nails?

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If we rewind back to Fashion Week SS20, the predicted summer nail trends were cute, innocent and exciting. Some of our favourites include the coloured tipped nails and the classic nude nail. In this article, asides from runway inspo, we’ve got nails that ooze sophistication and class for the independent woman, to shades that scream for a party lifestyle.

The New French

Now you may have heard of the standard French manicure, the simplest way to keep your hands looking beautiful and clean – but if you feel like spicing it up for the warm weather, why not swap white tips for a colour of your choice? Just like seen on the runway, your nails remain short and tidy, but an essence of playfulness is created. You could even choose a different colour for each tip. Sounds adorable right? This nail colour communicates class but keeps things just a little flirty. We feel this summer nail look suits everyone, and not to mention every skin tone as you can adjust your colour choice to what flatters you most.

Half Moons & Side Tips

Just like the New French, Half Moons and Side Tips remain classics for those wanting to keep it simple but add a splash of colour which makes for a cutesy twist. It’s the perfect Summer accent to your nails, keeping a creamy nude base with perhaps a tip of sunshine yellow on the edges or a pastel purple covering most of the nail but leaving a nude half-moon at the bottom. We think pastels look best on more warm toned skin, but with several shades of nudes, we can find one best for your skin tone. This look is perfect for you super innocent, chic ladies. Little accents on your nails go a long way in enhancing up your style and outfit, for instance we think these nails would look gorgeous paired with a minimal chic outfit such as a basic white tee, jeans, boots and a handbag!

Instagram Trends

Browsing through Instagram and Pinterest is sometimes the most fun way to source inspiration for beauty and summer nail looks. The favourite nail trend for Summer last year that took social media by storm had to be the multicolour pastel nails. Instagram was covered with them, and we never got sick of them! It was a trend that took us straight back to childhood and painting each nail a different colour. No doubt this will return with a bang this year and what’s even better is that I personally can now get them done professionally at Trieu, a relief for my 8-year-old self who got most of each colour on everything but my nails! Sorry Mum!

Keeping up with Instagram trends even more recently proves this different colour per nail idea is still popular, especially with the Kardashians. Kylie recently posted her luscious claws with the caption ‘couldn’t decide’ having one hand pink and the other purple. We love! This look screams for a woman who’s confident and knows what she wants.. (which is a different colour per nail!)

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Nothin’ but yellow

Yellow can be quite a daunting colour when it comes to nails, sure, you can opt for a subtle pastel shade if you are feeling a little shy, but we do love a bit of drama at the salon and have created some exciting looks that cater to everyone’s taste. What better time to be a little crazy with a colour than summer? From a block yellow, to adding simple and modernistic dots or lines to break up the colour, glitter or other colours and floral decals. If you’re a fun loving, bold personality, yellow is the shade you should be choosing this summer to express yourself!

Nudes and Naturals

Our final favourite style for summer nails must be the staple nude or natural ombre nail. With a glossy topcoat to add elegance and a healthy hydrated feel. For as long as ‘no make-up make-up’ and natural beauty looks remain in demand, as to will having clean and beautiful nails. Not to mention the nude colour compliments every skin tone, and we can work with you to find the perfect shade. Nude calls for an elegant, classic woman, you keep things minimal and you probably have a fashion sense to die for!

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Summer Nail Care..

Just like winter, summer can have an impact on your nails with the extreme temperature changes. To keep your natural nails strong, we recommend applying SPF to your hands, just like you do your face, as it’s easy to neglect! Make sure to moisturise your hands and feet (chlorine can be very drying if you’re by the pool!) and don’t forget to hydrate yourself with plenty of water as dehydration is one of the main causes for brittle nails. Caring for your hands and nails is super important before and after your manicure, this guarantees your new nails will last longer and look their best.

Summer is approaching fast, so if you’re feeling inspired, how about trying out a new nail look today? You can do this by visiting Trieu Nails in London, or a nail salon near you. We are professional manicurists that provide acrylic nails, shellac nails, gel nails, and much more.

Bear in mind that your choice of finishing can be interpreted by others. So, consider the message you want to send at each appointment. We are also a nail salon open late to give you great flexibility with your appointments.

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