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Why do people naturally focus on your hands?

Why do people naturally focus on your hands?

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You probably never knew that your hands play a significant role in your relationships with the opposite sex. People are visual creatures who pay attention to a lot of physical attributes. They would instantly notice a nice hairstyle, beautiful clothes, fitting makeup, and much more. Hands and nails are one of those things men notice but would never specifically mention.

People may look at hands for several reasons but having a proper manicure puts you in the right spot for this scrutiny. It can also enhance the feelings of attraction and love.

For example, in history, women’s hands held a symbol of beauty and fragility. This was mostly because other parts of their bodies were covered and the hands, face, and neck were the only exposed body parts to be admired.

At Trieu Nails, the best nail salon in London, we care about how you treat your hands and feet. In this article, we will be discussing why people look at hands and how you can maximize these moments to leave a positive impression.

Hands show good grooming

Caring for the hands takes time and money. It is also an important part of grooming. Some ensure that they look at someones hands to know how well they care for themselves. If an individual can put in the time and efforts to get a good manicure and pedicure, then they can equally care for other parts of their body. It also shows that they can keep looking beautiful and presentable on most days. Of course, if your hands do not look good, then, it says nothing or rather something negative about your self-grooming.

It is one of the first things they see

First impressions quickly take in your appearance and everything that stands out. If your hands are uncared  for they will be noticed, but if they are beautiful, clean, soft, and finished with a lovely gel manicure, they will be seen even faster and admired.

3.Manicured hands are attractive

Manicured hands are pretty, soft, and neat. The finishing can take various forms such as a French manicure, gel manicure, or just clear nail polish. The colours and shiny appearance are attractive and can be captivating.  This is different when the nails are chipped or cracked because a manicure is worn out.

4.Manicured hands show elegance

Having the best manicure in London at Trieu Nails, can make you happy and add that feeling of elegance. Sometimes people make unconscious gestures that show off their beautiful hands. They also feel stylish and graceful. People may look at your hands because they perceive this elegance or simplistic beauty.

Hands say something about your  personality

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As humans, we can tell a lot about a person’s personality by how they dress, act, talk, and so on. Some can easily notice personal style from clothing In the same way, others can look at hands and other features to gain some insight into their personality. Manicured hands and feet will leave an impression. The colours on the nails can also be interpreted in some way by most people.

Beautiful hands also show class and confidence. It tells others that you respect yourself and should be respected by them. This plays a significant role in promoting love and care.

If hands are so significant for us, then it is only natural that they are properly cared for. You should ensure that when someone looks at your hands, they can get mesmerized by its appearance. Here are some tips on how to care for your hands.

4 Tips To Care for The Hands

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1.Pamper your hands

The hands are greatly used in both harsh and gentle conditions. To care for them you must indulge in pampering sessions such as a manicure. A manicure is highly beneficial for the hands because they involve treatments and techniques that include exfoliation, cleaning, and massage. They keep the hands fresh, clean, neat and promote healthy nails. You can get a complete and effective manicure near you at Trieu Nails.

2. Moisturize daily

Moisturizing the hands daily helps them to stay hydrated and soft. It makes the skin look youthful and plump. You can moisturize with quality hand creams or any lotion available.

3.Paint the nails

A pampering, manicure session should end with painting the nails in flattering colours. Your manicurist will begin with a base coat to protect the nails before applying a nail polish of your choice. Remember to pick something that compliments your style and is sure to turn out pretty.

4. Wash the hands regularly

Our hands are quickly compromised with germs from our daily activities. Wash the hands regularly with a mild soap to keep them clean. To prevent dry skin, choose moisturizing soaps with beneficial ingredients like glycerin. This way the oils on the skin are protected and the hands can retain their supple appearance.

Hands are often neglected but this should be different. Your hands ought to display beauty, neatness, and elegance. At Trieu Nails, we provide the best manicure in London for both men and women.

We ensure that you get the complete benefits of a good manicure and pedicure. We also offer several manicure options to choose from. You can easily find something that suits your personal style with each visit.

By Lynn Trieu

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