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Why Procrastinators Procrastinate and How to Increase productivity

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the avoidance, delay, and postponement of doing a task. It is normal for humans to delay tasks at times. But when there is an intentional delay or habitual attitude of delaying tasks, it may incur threats, negative outcomes, or even lead to serious mental health conditions.

Why do people procrastinate?

There are many reasons why people tend to procrastinate. It could be due to demotivation, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, boredom, fear of failing, signs of mental health issues, or even just a simple laziness. Procrastinating for a long period of time could lead to depression, demotivation, and job loss.

  • Too much confidence – People tend to procrastinate when they are feeling too confident about their ability to work under pressure to complete tasks in the future. These people believe that they will be able to work on the task the next day, especially if they have been doing this habit several times in the past and succeeded.
  • Feeling overwhelmed – People tend to procrastinate when they feel overwhelmed with the tasks given. If the task takes so long to finish and it involves many parts, people will try to avoid getting it started and will feel paralyzed in the attempt to handle them before the task is even completed.
  • Indecisiveness – People tend to procrastinate when they can’t fully decide on the best action to execute for their general plan. People may also delay paperwork such as article writing, script writing, and research when they can’t fully decide on what plot or topic to write about. These people end up overthinking, which makes it even harder for them to decide.
  • Perfectionism – People tend to procrastinate due to their perfectionist attributes. These people fear making mistakes or failing that they keep re-doing work or end up not doing anything at all. They feel overly worried about their work and want it to be as flawless as they want it to be.
  • Low self-efficacy and self-sabotage – People tend to procrastinate when they believe that they can’t handle the task given to them and will fail anyway. These people try to sabotage their own progress by placing barriers in their own way.
  • Laziness – People tend to procrastinate because they just simply don’t want to do it. Though laziness is often the result of a lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, or even a serious mental condition.
  • Forced responsibility – People tend to procrastinate when they feel forced to do a certain task. They feel bored doing the given task, or they don’t fully enjoy doing it at all. These people have no desire to complete the task because they feel no satisfaction in doing it.

How to increase productivity, and how to overcome procrastination?

Here are the steps that will help you deal with procrastination and how to overcome it. These steps must be taken seriously, and must fully commit to making it more effective for you.

Step 1 : ACKNOWLEDGE that you are procrastinating

Self-awareness is the first step to overcoming procrastination. Wait for the right mood or right time to start working on your task. When you recognize that you are procrastinating, your mind will send a signal to your body to get the urge to finish easy tasks.

Step 2 : UNDERSTAND why you are procrastinating

You will be able to come up with a better solution to push yourself when you understand why you are procrastinating. If you feel bored doing a certain task, then you can come up with ways on how to do it enjoyably. For writers, they can enjoy typing on their keyboards when they have beautiful nails. Visit Trieu Nails London Bethnal Green and try our Shellac Nails for creative nail designs. Seeing your attractive nails while typing can lift up your mood and push you against procrastinating. Trieu Nails is open late and is available at your most convenient time.

Step 3 : PLAN an anti-procrastinating strategy

Break your habit of procrastinating by making a strategy plan that you must strictly follow. Forgive yourself for procrastinating previously, then make a to-do list and start committing to the task. Include a reward system for yourself to motivate you to finish the task.

Step 4 : STOP making excuses

Write down your personal goals. These personal goals could give you a push because they remind you of why you are doing the things you do.

Step 5 : GET a partner

Connect with someone who can help you complete the job. Find someone who is also accountable to do the task. In this way, you will establish a good working relationship with your colleague. You may also find a coach who can help you stay on track.

Step 6 : OPTIMIZE your environment

Your environment can also impact and hinder your productivity. Keep your area tidy, pleasant and clean. This can lighten up your mood and may help your brain to focus better.

Step 7 : AVOID distractions

Keep yourself away from distractions such as access to social media. During your schedule, turn off or block your social media notifications so you won’t notice it when it’s beeping.

Step 8 : DON’T skip meals

Yes, skipping meals could also lead to procrastination. When we skip meals, our mind and body do not receive the proper nutrients they need to give out energy and focus. It leaves us feeling stressed and ‘hangry’ making it difficult for us to focus on the task.

Step 9 : TAKE breaks

Taking short periods of breaks for 2 to 5 minutes could also increase productivity. Short breaks such as listening to music, walking around, or as simple as closing your eyes could help boost your productivity. Our mind and body deserves to relax from time to time.

Step 10 : BE responsible

Recognize that only you have the control and ownership of your own time. Let people understand that you have work responsibilities to prioritize and you don’t want any distractions. Let them know that you are not always available to respond to their messages right away. Just set a time when you can attend to their concerns after you’re finished with your task.

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